Candy Box 2

  • Builds on a fun concept with significant expansion with locations, items and secrets for players to uncover
  • Wonderful ASIC art brings the fresh faces and locations to life in a unique way
  • Linear adventure that leaves little room for player choice with your path highly predetermined
  • Some progression hints are very vague so you'll likely have to rely on the wiki for advancement at some point

Candy Box 2 continues the ASCII themed adventure while building on the deep role playing experience of the original to ensure your adventure is both familiar and fresh. Collect your candies, beat quests, upgrade weapons, encounter NPCs, master spells, battle bosses and unlock countless secrets in this sequel that stands out in the idle/incremental game genre for going beyond the basics and wrapping a simple mechanic into a larger RPG world.


The core game elements of the original are still there in Candy Box 2 with players starting with minimal elements and slowly unlocking new options by spending candies that they collect slowly overtime passively or with their actions. This time around though Candy Box 2 takes place across a large number of game screens with players able to visit individual buildings in their starting village and even explore the larger game world for questing.

This larger game world includes magical huts, rivers, mountains, forests and castles all with their own enemies and simple lore which makes Candy Box 2 feel like a much grander experience and the perfect evolution for the series. Progression through all of these is highly linear although this serves as an intended structure to your adventure rather than a severely limiting factor to your enjoyment.


The popular candy merchant at the centre of your adventure returns this time with his own store near the centre of the game village which players can enter and purchase from at will. Selling all sorts of wares for the passive candies you generate you’ll be able to pick up the trusty lollipops (as well as find them randomly around the game world). Your favourite candy merchant has also expanded into helpful items such as gloves, rings and boots which deck out your character and provide various benefits and boosts.

Just across the street from the candy merchant is the new forge where you’ll purchase new swords for your adventures that similarly help you to tackle the adventure in more efficient ways with a sword that suits most playstyle and preferences. Building out the town even further is a number of houses along the road which hide quests and secrets for players that want to uncover everything the candy themed world has to offer.


With two dozen unique items to unlock, new weapons, extra enemies and countless more improvements the experience offered by Candy Box 2 is reminiscent of the original but with a whole new level of depth and variety to make it even more addictive. While there are some obvious call backs to the original that require you to have played it for the full payoff this doesn’t stop the newcomer beginning with the more advanced Candy Box 2 experience either.


  • An enhanced sequel to the hit Candy Box game which expands on many elements of the candy clicking experience.
  • All new items, enemies, locations and more give you amply content to explore and conquer.
  • Offers high quality ASCII art once again to bring the game world and characters to your screen.
  • Strong niche community and wiki to help you discover all the secrets and achieve 100% completion.
  • Available to play within your browser.



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