Candy Box

  • Unique design
  • No explanation of mechanics

Candy Box is an incremental browser video game that uses the likes of ASCII art to tell a unique story about collecting candy, lollipops, swords and much more. Filled with hidden mechanics, discoveries and cheats for those that don’t want to wait Candy Box has become a popular past time for many and led to the development of Candy Box 2.


Players start with a basic game screen with simply a save button and counter for candy which slowly increases with time. Soon an option to eat your candies or throw them on the ground will appear. For the patient candy collector you’ll be joined by the lollipop merchant at 60 candies who will then offer you the chance to purchase a lollipop and then subsequently plant it to generate a passive lollipop income.

The formula above is repeated many times over in Candy Box with options only becoming available after something has been achieved, be it an item found or an arbitrary number of a resource (of which there are many).

Spending these various resource currencies is centred around the questing portion of the game where players will go on epic quests in a number of environments which serves as the main focus of the game, to complete all the available quests and discover the game ending.


Along the way you’ll upgrade your sword, unlock additional NPCs, brew potions, find scrolls and discover countless secrets within the game to boost your progress, give you extra resources or discounts on items.

The Candy Box is the type of game you can play on and off over a few weeks and is particularly enjoyable for those that are completionists at heart and love a bit of game mystery.


  • An interesting mystery awaits.
  • Collect candies, lollipops, potions, swords and scrolls for your adventure.
  • Discover all sorts of interesting hidden features.
  • Master the quests drawn with ASCII art.
  • Play for free in your browser.



Review Platform: Browser

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