Cat War2

  • Enhancements over the original – Large number of stages
  • Slow gem earning rate – Levels take a long time

The cats are gathering and going to war against he Dog Kingdom, the commanding of the army falls onto you as you fight through a number of stages and boss battles on behalf of the cats.


Marking the second game in the franchise of cat vs dog warfare the game sees a number of improvements over the original, most notably in the UI and graphic departments which make the game that much more engaging for newcomers and returning players alike.

The actual game mechanics that Cat War2 offers are easy to graps and will be familiar to anyone that has tried out similar side scrolling strategy games in the past. You’ll find your foundation of resource generating units (cats collecting fish from the nearby pond) which then funnel these collected fish into military units.

These units contain your usual swordsmen and archers with cat graphics along with hero units which players can use up to 3 of in each match. Heroes come with their own skills which can be activated after a short cooldown for larger bursts of damage or other utility. This is then paired with 9 basic units which players select that are unlocked at various game stages to create an overall pushing based strategy.


Upgrading units is of course an important component which is facilitated through the gem system which also allow the purchasing of new heroes or items for temporary boosts in  a given stage. These gems are earned for clearing stages and available in decent quantities at the start but are only earned slowly from gameplay. Gems help to ensure you can upgrade your preferred units to fit into a broad strategy.

All up there are 100 stages of cat warfare to master with every 10 levels offering up a more difficult boss stage where only your hero units will be able to fight.


  • Help the cats to fight against the Dog Kingdom.
  • Recruit powerful heroes and upgrade your units.
  • Fight through 100 stages and 10 bosses.
  • New improved UI and other improvements over the original.
  • Play on Android.



Review Platform: Android

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