CatHotel – Hotel for Cute Cats

  • Highly interactive cats with a range of breeds that all feel realistically designed
  • Limited gameplay variety after the first few hours with repetitive care routines for cats

CatHotel – Hotel for Cute Cats lets you run your own cattery with realistic cats for players to care for while optimising their hotel business to expand into new game mechanics. With a gameplay loop that encourages players to care for your client cats, feed them and play with them until their owner returns to collect them players will receive the full cat hotel experience. Available on both iOS and Android for free this title is one of the most in depth cat games to grace the mobile platforms.


At the start of your CatHotel – Hotel for Cute Cats adventure players are introduced to Sara who helps to guide players through the basic mechanics that you will have to master to achieve profitable success. With the help of Sara players examine the first cat to come to their hotel and interact with it to maximise its enjoyment during its stage. This first cat (known as Mimi) is an American Shorthair and after your initial quick examination upon arrival players find her to be in great health although some additional well-being and fun could prove helpful and also profitable.

While not all cats will arrive in perfect health to your cat hotel players do have the necessary tools to ensure every cat can reach its potential. This primarily comes from the cats wellbeing rating that is based on food and water, fun rating and grooming rating which serve as the the three main needs of each cat that comes to your hotel.


Juggling all three of these needs serves as the ultimate objective as you try to meet all 3 with most cats generally requiring 1 or 2 of these upon initially coming into your cattery. While wellbeing is fairly straight forward and completed by players simply dragging food and water into the appropriate bowls the other two needs are more interactive and leverage the 3D cat models of CatHotel – Hotel for Cute Cats and the realistic cat behaviour the game has designed.

Fun for example has players pointing a laser pointer around the fun room and watching the cat chase it around. Just like the real world the more objects knocked over the more fun the cat is having which will push the fun progress bar further for your time invested. Alternatively players can use one of the other highly interactive fun options such as the cat teaser that has you drawing predefined shapes for the cat to chase with their paws.


Grooming is similarly active focused although less involved than the fun activities available and requires players to brush, apply product and comb the cat by using your finger with the correct tool activated carefully. All of these activities will slowly drain the cats energy which can be replenished by ending the current day and starting the next one which also triggers new cat arrivals.

With each cat only staying for a few days players always have a different face to look at it and keeps the game fresh while ensuring your favourite cat breed will make an appearance every now and again. Similarly a varied store that lets you get new toys and grooming items gives you something to strive for to improve your personal cat hotel and an additional purpose to your cat care.


  • Create your own cat hotel to care for a large range of cat breeds in return for money.
  • Interact with cats through feeding, playing and grooming mini game activities to manage their needs.
  • Get new cats every few days with plenty of breed variety available.
  • Upgrade your cat hotel with new equipment to improve your cat care.
  • Free to play on Android and iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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