Champions Online

  • Strong character customisation that draws inspiration from countless super hero media
  • Create and hunt for your own nemesis with their own unique powers
  • Free to play core requires paid expansions to access the bulk of game content

Champions Online is a super hero focused MMO that prides itself on offering the player base a large amount of customisation in designing their own hero. Create the hero that you’ve always wanted to be in this well designed MMORPG that explores a genre outside of the typical fantasy adventure. Released in 2009 as a subscription based MMO experience the game altered to a free to play base with paid content in 2011.


Set within a world known as the Champions universe players will find a trove of other players and NPCs filling in the world that spans from urban areas to islands, ruins and even underground villain lairs. This diversity allows Champions Online content to be equally varied with the game regions broken down into instanced versions that can house up to 35 players at a particular time. As a result you’ll get that sense of MMO community while still having your own space to compete for quest tasks and enemies.

Offering a mixture of instanced events for team raids and an open world the game finds a good balance between exploration and action focused sequences just like a super hero movie. Just like other games in this space players are free to repeat these instances again and again as you acquire experience or gear from your adventures to grow your power. You’ll also have an exclusive underground circuit for your PvP battles where you can test your heroes setup against other players in the late game.


Character creation in Champions Online will be your first step into this game world where you have an array of countless options to mix and match your hero. This includes selecting from your hero animations, colour scheme and then of course the powers available. Known as your framework these options range from electricity, fire, force, ice, archery, dual blades, fighting claws, darkness, might and many options in between that you can link to your favourite super heroes from other media sources.

This allows you to define your super hero theme as you’ll have archetypes such as The Glacier who uses ice based crowd control to The Mind who focuses on healing and psi powers or The Mountain, a massive rock golem. With dozens of options to choose from the variety and uniqueness in each archetype is impressive and importantly feels distinct.


Uniquely, Champions Online doesn’t limit all of this customisation to just your own character with players having the option to repeat the whole process to create their own nemesis at level 25 (max level is 40). Players will then get to fight their minions through various missions to eventually fight the nemesis and put them and jail (at which time players can repeat the process with a new nemesis that they create).

In terms of gameplay Champions Online is action orientated focusing on attacks and blocks to fill up a power meter for stronger attacks to create the base combat loop. Number of skills are actually kept minimal in comparison to other MMOs but offer more flexibility for players to change them into something that suits their overall character design. To further lean into the action gameplay aspects enemies attacked will drop orbs to heal players or provide temporary stat buffs.


  • Create your own super hero and nemesis as you hunt them as a core part of your hero progression.
  • Wide range of archetypes and customisation options available that pull from popular super hero media.
  • Good mixture of exploration, instanced dungeons and PvP options for all MMO player types.
  • Action orientated combat that focuses on combo attacks, blocks and enemy orb drops.
  • Free to play super hero themed MMORPG online since 2009.



Review Platform: PC

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