Chef Rescue

  • Multiple restaurants – Lots of upgrades and good flow of coins
  • Some hitboxes for equipment is too small

Work your way up from coffee shop cook to head chef as you prepare exciting recipes across a number of different restaurants in Chef Rescue. Split into hundreds of stages across the 9 available restaurants the sheer amount of gameplay makes Chef Recuse hard to pass up.


Starting in the coffee shop players will learn the basics of cooking eggs and cookies to feed hungry guests. These guests walk into the store throughout the day (split into stages) and represent their order in a speech bubble above their head for action by the chef player. Additional gold rewards are provided if players can deliver a perfectly cooked item within a fast time frame.

Like most games you’ll be learning a new recipe every few stages which grow continually complex, requiring multiple stages to create a complete product which makes balancing your time between orders vital. While your early recipes of eggs and cookies will only require the raw ingredient to be placed in the oven for example, cooking bacon requires the bacon to be cut and cooked. With items burning after only a short time planning ahead is vital for maximum currency.

At the end of each stage players will receive a report card with the number of customers served and how happy they were with the service which links to a star rating. Players also gain a small sum of coins and experience (represented by chef hats).


Levels are required to unlock new restaurants (along with a healthy amount of gold) while gold can also be used to upgrade the shop with extra cooking slots, reduced preparation time, extra coins and experience for using certain ingredients, adding room for more customers and increasing the time they are happy to wait for. Coins are rewarded at a reasonable rate so you can generally get a few upgrades every few stages to ensure you can continue to earn 3 stars.

The insane amount of content in Chef Rescue ensures you have a large number of levels to play through, making it well worth an install for fans of the cooking management genre.


  • Play through hundreds of stages and several restaurants.
  • Learn basic and complex recipes to serve customers.
  • Use your revenue to upgrade your equipment.
  • Easy touch controls to cook food and deliver to customers.
  • Free cooking management game for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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