Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  • Realistic medieval warfare with a balance between classes that create strategic gameplay
  • Map variety and game modes offer plenty of diverse match options
  • Dwindling community following the release of the game sequel may make it difficult for all to find servers for their location or skill level

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a realistic action based game that lets players battle each other in medieval combat with one of the available game classes. The game launched in 2012 and has proven to be a successful multiplayer experience with a 2021 sequel (Chivalry 2) and has since been joined by similarly themed games from larger publishers to fill what was once a niche multiplayer genre.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is set in medieval times with each available game map featuring two warring factions with different game modes providing your objective. Known as the Mason Order and the Agatha Knights this civil war between the factions provides you the foundation of your game although like most multiplayer titles means little in your second to second gameplay.

Your experience in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will mostly be a melee orientated one but does include the standard ranged weapons of the era depending on the class that you select to introduce some extra variety and strategy to the battlefield. Players can also jump into the battlefield in either a first or third person perspective depending on their preference providing further choice to your gameplay.


The greatest choice you’ll make though is which of the four different game classes you’ll be utilising. With unique equipment between them they each have a role on the battlefield that bestows its own strength and weakness interactions with other classes. The archer is the only dedicated range class of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare who relies on his bow and supplements it with a number of small bladed weapons although their light armour offers limited protection at melee range.

The other three classes (man-at-arms, vanguard and knight) are all melee focused offering a variety of movement speeds and weapons with their own attributes. The man-at-arms is the quickest in this melee category with a focus on one handed weapons and a shield to provide a balance of offence and defence without sacrificing speed that results in a flexible class choice. For the player that would rather wield some of the largest medieval weapons available though you’ll find the vanguard delivers this with polearms and massive great swords available although you lose the ability to equip a shield. The last character class on the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare roster is the knight that carries heavy armour with the flexibility of single and two handed weapons with slow attacks that need to be effective as you’ll be open for counter in between weapon swings.


While classes of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare are the first layer of variation game modes build further on this and ensure you have different objectives across a broad range of appropriate themed maps. Game modes that you can participate include free for all death matches, duels, king of the hill, capture the flag and the always popular team death match to practice your skills with constant combat encounters. The standout game mode on offer in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare though is the team objectives based game mode which pits the two factions against each other in different medieval scenarios. Scenarios involve charging a fortified castle, pillaging a village or attempting to assassinate the king that are all on theme while adding important strategy to the core gameplay.


  • Realistic medieval warfare that puts players into the battlefield.
  • Great multiplayer experience with several classes, game modes and maps to create varied encounters.
  • Plenty of opportunities to customise your equipment within each game class to derive your favourite strategy.
  • One of the original medieval combat adventures that led to a sequel and other games in the genre.
  • Originally on Windows and since expanded to a broad number of console platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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