Choices: Stories You Play

  • High quality stories – Multiple genres available
  • Some cheesy elements

Explore and direct unique stories in Choices: Stories You Play, fall in love, solve the mystery and even rule the kingdom in the large range of stories that are directed by the stories that you make.


Whichever stories you choose to explore Choices: Stories You Play offers high quality writing and graphics albeit some cheesy story directions. The game comes from the same developers that brought High School Story to the app store so the interactive storybook elements are very similar in that regard.

Each story splits itself into chapters which can easily pack a few dozen story options and while most don’t divert the plot entirely they do alter the way characters or situations play out in the future which does give your choices some weight to the story plot. Some choices are more minor though and may only impact on how the current situation is resolved within the story without long lasting effects on the story as a whole (such as picking an outfit).

Choice also exists outside the story with genre and character options within each story which usually span different genders and personalities allowing you to more easily place yourself within the story. Each character also comes with their own synopsis to give you the vital background for your staring role. Players may also some times take on the roles of other characters in the story.


One of the more unique elements of Choices: Stories You Play and something that helps it rise up against similar titles is the point accrual system which can assist you later in the story. In The Crown & The Flame for example certain choices can improve character power and their prestige which can be used later on to make unique choices provided you’ve accumulated enough points.

Other points also accrue in the background such as romance between characters which can come into play later and helps gives players a helpful guide as to the growing link between characters.


  • High quality visual novel title for mobile.
  • Multiple genres of story to explore.
  • Accrue points from the decisions you make to unlock special choices.
  • Make key decisions to direct the story.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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