Chrono Trigger

  • Varied landscapes to explore which end with multiple potential options
  • Deep RPG mechanics and storyline that encourage players to create their own path within the strong core framework
  • Ports have not been able to perfectly capture every element of the aging game

Chrono Trigger is a role playing game that was originally developed for the Super Nintendo in 1995 and has become a cult classic title within the RPG genre. Since ported to modern platforms the experience of Chrono Trigger remains accessible for new and old gamers alike with a wealth of role playing content and strategy.


Set on a somewhat realistic world that has gone through its own similar eras of technology advancement Chrono Trigger takes place across multiple ages with players acquiring the ability to literally travel through time to recruit their allies and find their enemies. In total players will have the ability to command six playable core heroes that each come from a different era and have their own corresponding backstory. Ranging from a fearless young katana fighter (Crono) to a princess (Marle), mechanical master, a capable squire, a powerful mage and a robot your diverse roster of heroes bring their own personalities and battle strengths.

This story starts in 1000 AD with Crono and Marle the subjects of a new teleport test in the Kingdom of Guardia which unfortunately results in a time travel accident and sends them both back to the year 600 AD. After an encounter with Marle’s own great ancestors of royalty that requires players to save Marle from a kidnapping and death sentence players are propelled forward in time to find that the end of human civilisation occurred in 1999 AD. This end of the world scenario was the result of the powerful unknown creature known as Lavos that had been lying dormant since 600 AD and gives players the opportunity to dispatch them as a party of heroes and save the world.


From start to finish in this journey players will find that Chrono Trigger pushes you across a 2D retro style game world with many role-playing elements to uncover and in turn master. Given your adventure takes place across multiple time periods players will also find themselves experiencing a huge variation in environment designs across Middle-Age inspired eras and into a post apocalyptic future. Alongside these environments players will meet quest giving characters, complete various puzzles and buy equipment for their party.

Each of these activities take place in the overworld map where players will also find roaming enemy encounters allowing players to take or avoid fights based on their preferences given the lack of randomised encounters. Once contact is made with one of these enemy sprites you’ll engage directly in combat which has players taking turns to trigger magical or physical attacks against their opponents to reduce enemy health to zero.


Alongside attack choices players can also utilise potions and various spells to provide the foundation of your strategic battles alongside the equipment choices you make outside of combat that provide various minor stat boosts. With the addition of enemy positioning to consider and the different attack patterns available to different enemy types the battles of Chrono Trigger are diverse and ensures each has a tactical element as you progress. In time this progression will end with a number of potential endings based on the key decisions and battles that players have experienced throughout the time periods.


  • Originally launched in 1995 with many re-releases since allowing for players to play on modern platforms.
  • Vast game world across different time periods that are reminiscent of our own history and potential future.
  • Tactical combat design with positioning, attacks, spells, items and equipment all being vital elements to success.
  • Multiple endings based on your actions and success (or lack of it).
  • A cult classic in the role playing genre that delivers a potent story and strong RPG mechanics.



Review Platform: iOS

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