• Very distinct paths to follow – Trophies – Cinderella theme
  • Nothing new or innovative

If you’ve ever wanted to play through a Cinderella story then Cinders is the visual novel for you. The game was developed by MaoCube and released for Mac and Windows in 2012 with later console releases.


Cinders does a great job at bridging the gap between interactive novels and newcomers to the genre. It’s very well presented but eases into gameplay in such a way that it is perfect for gamers who have not previously experienced a visual novel.

Players that are familiar with the Cinderella story will recognise the characters within the game which stays fairly true to the original story. Players will take on the role of Cinders (Cinderella) and have great control over her personality which is reflected in the decisions they make.

Players will also run into the famous stepsisters and stepmother from the original and classic tale. Of course no Cinderella story is complete without a fairy godmother who is represented by a helpful and kind fairy.

Gameplay doesn’t deviate much from other games in the genre following a standard visual novel formula. Players are presented the story with a combination of pictures and dialogue while making decisions at key points in the game. These choices send the player down different paths for a total of four very different game endings. In addition to achieving the various endings players can also collect a number of trophies during Cinders.


Cinders has over 100 of these decisions and with two or even three options in some situations there is no shortage of freedom for the player.

Cinders takes a very popular and well known fairy tale and mixes it into an interesting visual novel. The journey that it takes players on offers an amazing adventure that adds a lot of depth under the surface of a simple fairy tale. This connection between a well-known story and visual novel also makes it a particularly attractive option for new gamers to the genre.


  • A visual novel based on the Cinderella fairy tale.
  • Available on Windows and Mac.
  • Impressive adventure to find your independence.
  • 4 very different endings to experience.
  • Collect trophies while you play through the story.



Review Platform: PC

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