Cities: Skylines

  • Plenty of options – Various starting maps
  • Small UI elements

Cities: Skylines brings the city building and simulation genre into modern times with a very impressive offering that brings new challenges and opportunities to keen city planners everywhere.


Your city foundation is a typical experience with the game drawing upon many well-established fundamentals of games like SimCity but also introducing countless additional mechanics to capture the thrills and struggles of maintaining a large city.

Cities: Skylines is a single player adventure that challenges players to take the bare locations into a functioning (and hopefully thriving) city. This entails placing roads, managing area zoning, health, budget, traffic flow, pollution, resources, employment, taxes, public services and many more mechanics.

For the most part players are completely free design their landscapes as they please and can start with any of the game maps. Players can opt for wide open Green Plains, a Two Rivers setup or even Islands which can alter your strategy by altering the available natural resources and methods of access to your city. Players can even choose which side you’re traffic will flow allowing it to feel like a location in your own country.

Building off these various vacant lots of land players will start by creating vital infrastructure such as roads, power plants, water pumps and more. Careful planning of these basic functions is key to the long term success as things like traffic, environment and basic citizen needs can quickly turn into a headache during the later parts of the game if not planned out.


Building off these basic foundations the player will be able to designate residential and industrial zones which will attract buildings and townsfolk. From here the management really kicks off with balancing demands, creating policies and ultimately balancing the books to grow into a larger city.

With Steam Workshop support also on offer, the level of depth and game hours that Cities: Skylines has to offer makes it a must buy for city building addicts.


  • Create your own city from scratch.
  • Select from various maps and take it further with Steam Workshop.
  • From sewage to the budget and public transport.
  • Great performance on a range of computer specifications.
  • Play on Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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