Citizens of Earth

  • Earthbound features and pop culture references spread throughout for great humour
  • 40 potential recruits with unique skills, designs and specific unlock quests
  • Messy map design can make it difficult to determine your next step
  • High encounter rate for enemies slows down your pace of play

Citizens of Earth will definitely turn a few heads with its Earthbound like design as it seeks to capture the same feeling as the classic SNES title. Primarily a role playing title with unique story and mechanics for players to explore the game places you into the role of the new Vice President of Earth who needs to save the planet by recruiting everyday citizens to fight. Released in 2015 for Windows, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS a sequel (Citizens of Space) released in 2019.


Available for this large range of platforms allows for many gamers can get access to this humour orientated RPG adventure. Filled with pop culture references and many elements lifted right from the original Earthbound makes for quite the combination of action and comedy. Citizens of Earth is set in the present day though with the Vice President of the world as your protagonist under player control as they try to overcome the madness and evil that is currently gripping the inhabitants of Earth.

As a Vice President though you’re a master of not getting your own hands dirty and supported with your impressive charisma you’ll recruit a team of 3 fighters out of the possible 40 within the game to do the work for you. These citizens come from all sorts of backgrounds and even include your own mother and brother amongst countless other average citizens with unique themes and back stories. This includes the conspiracy guy, the local barista, school mascot, cat lady, a cop, teacher, photographer, handyman, body builder, sushi chef, scientist, beekeeper, lifeguard, car salesman, farmer, musician and many others.


Citizens are also a potential achievement source with many players opting to try recruit them all given each has a unique method of recruiting them that needs to be completed first. Recruiting each of these requires a small side mission in order to gain their trust which are all unique although some are excessively vague. As one would expect for a RPG adventure these characters also have their own special skills, stats and a limited number of items. For example your brother is a well rounded recruit who can wear bowling shoes and attacks with various physical style attacks. In comparison the scientist has low defences with a strength against the static element although a bio weakness.

Your party can also impact the attribute growth of your other members, adding in that extra layer of strategy in crafting your ideal team from the citizen who fall into a number of familiar RPG archetypes. With this carefully crafted party of adventurers you’ll encounter enemies roaming the game world and a number of boss encounters. In classic 16-bit RPG style this combat is turn based which keeps it accessible while ensuring there is plenty of strategy under the hood.


This is further enhanced with a difficultly slider that provides extra income and experience for higher difficulties for those that want the challenge. Ultimately your broader goal in Citizens of Earth to uncover the underlying plot and all the secrets that the game world has to offer.


  • Pays homage to Earthbound in many game elements with a party RPG adventure filled with humour.
  • Many pop culture references to create a humorous adventure across Earth.
  • Recruit a unique party from 40 options that range from your own family to specialist citizens.
  • Simple but deep turn based combat with your party that mixes items, elements and statistics.
  • Alter the difficultly level to get the challenge you want throughout your adventure.



Review Platform: PC

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