City Girl Life

  • Good range of avatar and furniture customisation with 100s of various options to mix and match for a unique style
  • Simplified needs system (5 stats) make it easier to focus on gameplay and fun over day to day activities
  • Relies on a small pool energy system requiring extremely careful decisions to progress through the game at a reasonable pace
  • Social elements require active friends to achieve efficient game progress

City Girl Life is a social and fashion focused experience designed to blend fashion, fame, fortune, friends and New York City. It is developed by Playdom and was original playable through Facebook and eventually Facebook Gameroom. With Gameroom retired in 30 June 2021 players now need to reactivate Flash to play directly through Facebook (instructions on City Girl Life Facebook page). The Facebook page is also an active hub for the community alongside the official forums. With a community in the millions City Girl Life constantly receives updates, events and general community engagement which has seen the game continually grow since it started back in 2012.

The game is similar to other games in the life simulation genre and feels like a spiritual successor to Playdom’s other hit social games like Sorority Life and Social City. For fans of these other titles or games that blend social and fashion together in general you’ll feel right at home with the general game design of City Girl Life.


To start your City Girl Life adventure players will need the Facebook Gameroom, while the title was previously available within your browser it is now exclusive to the Facebook Gameroom. To start players are given a brief storyline involving players leaving their small town life and move into the big city (New York) to chase their dreams and a future of fame and fashion. You aren’t alone on your move though as several of your friends from college have also joined you for their own dreams and to help you settle into the new surroundings.

Jenna is one such friend and quick to meet players as they arrive in their new basic apartment. With Jenna not having seen players for some time it is also the perfect opportunity to reinvent your look with City Girl Life allowing for avatar customisation within the first few minutes of gameplay. Starting options are fairly limited with players starting with around a dozen clothing items and a handful of hairstyles but expand rapidly with further gameplay particularly in the accessories category.

With your look established City Girl Life quickly jumps to customising your apartment with a new couch which gives the game a Sims like vibe as you pick and choose other pieces of furniture to decorate your space. City Girl Life is also surprisingly deep in this regard with nearly 100 items across living, kitchen, dining, bed, bath, office, pet and patio. Further customisation is also available to walls and flooring in addition to miscellaneous plants and appliances


Success and fashion does not come easy or cheaply in City Girl Life though which is where your career driven friend Olivia comes into the scene to assist you in your dream career. In total there are 7 different careers that can be explored and changed as players see fit if they feel like a career change. Jobs include musician, artist, detective, fashion designer, chef, engineer and author.

Not only does your choice of career tie in closely with the games structured story but it will also be your primary source of funds for decorating your apartment (or upgrading entirely to a penthouse) and wearing all the latest fashions to impress those around you. As a social based game City Girl Life also allows for players to show off their fashion style to their friends in daily fashion stand offs.


No life simulation would be complete without a management component to it though and City Girl Life offers a trimmed down version in this regard. Focusing on 5 key areas of friendship, fun, health, hygiene and rest players will need to balance their social life with daily tasks of sleeping and showering.

It’s easy to consider the gameplay on offer in City Girl Life a simplified version of The Sims as you decorate your new living space, move up the ranks in your dream job while also finding the time for the necessities of life (food, sleep, etc) and of course socialising. Keeping a happy character requires careful monitoring of your needs that change overtime as well as your own objectives which can change each time you login.


  • A spiritual sequel to Sorority Life that lets you explore New York with your close friends.
  • Build up your career in one of seven unique paths in order to upgrade your apartment and wardrobe.
  • Find a balance between your needs of fun, health, rest and other statistics with your limited energy.
  • Decorate and customise your apartment from nearly 100 different options.
  • Participate in daily fashion look contests, visit your friends apartments and more through the social focused City Girl Life.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I have played Disney City Girl for some time and went to other games, now trying to get back to this game where I have spent lots of time and money advancing to where I was to only find out there is another game called City Girl, which is exactly like Disney Girl. Question: Did this City Girl replace Disney City Girl and if so why couldn’t a player move over with the present level without having to start over.

    • Yes City Girl Life is Disney City Girl Playdom went to close it down and RockYou took the game over too keep it on Facebook , when RockYou first took over if we kept the game and told them when they asked and accept the new terms and conditions they transferred all over but for ones that did not do this when they took over months ago then they would have to start over

      Game link

      City Girl Life Facebook Fanpage

  2. :)

  3. i have played this game before .and i loved it and i stoped . but now i can not play it again because they will not take me again they dont accept me

  4. i love it

  5. It a good game

  6. This game is very cool.

  7. It is the best game <3

  8. I want to play this game again but not on facebook how can I play it and where?

  9. I want to play the game have to pay?

  10. Why this game haven’t app. I want to play this in my phone :(

    • If you want to play on your browser. Download a browser called puffin as it supports flash and you can play from that

      • Why can’t play this game on phone

  11. they should make it into an app and they should have it so you don’t have to play it on facebook I don’t have a facebook account I don’t want one so I don’t play it also if they did put the game in to an app they would probably make more $$.

  12. City Girl Life is very entertaining game to play. I get good support from gameskip.

  13. If you have Facebook it is good but I don’t have Facebook so I think you should not play this games if you don’t have Facebook do not play this game

  14. i used to play this game everyday on playdom but because it moved to facebook I don’t play it at all they should make it to where you can play on facebook and play it online without facebook

  15. You can spend all the time you have on it, you can join and pay a monthly membership fee you can watch all the stupid ads to get spins for the very important video spree….but you will 9/10 NOT get a token for the spree. You will miss out of prizes that you really want. And why? Because all they want is your money. This game stops being fun really, really fast. And no matter how many times I write them to talk to them about this scammy problem I don’t hear back. EVER.
    This game is a waste of both time and money and you are better off playing ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I just love this game I usually play up till 3 in the morning I wish it had an app my fb is screwed up now I cant play it on there anymore. please make an app for this off fb.

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