City of Love: Paris

  • Beautifully animated characters – Interesting story with lots of components
  • Some decisions don't matter at all – Limited play time without opening your wallet

Travel to the famous city of love as you are surrounded with a romance and mystery filled drama set right in the heart of Paris and the associated lifestyle. Meet all sorts of unique characters as you build relationships with them to move the story forward.


City of Love: Paris opens right up in the beautiful city with an equally beautifully animated character that feels realistic as she stands in front of the Paris backdrop. Quickly your mind is torn away from the beauty before you as players are reminded of what brings them to Paris, a job interview at one of the most high rated lifestyle magazines.

While this is what brought you to Paris originally the turns that the game will take is completely in your hands and can quickly change focus from career to relationships, romance and the mysterious secret that seems to underpin the entire story. Along the way small decisions are made by the player by selecting options that appear in front of them on the screen.

These options to drive the conversation happen often enough that you stay engaged with the content but does have the side effect of having your options generally not having a large impact on events at hand and simply changing the words that your character speaks. Regardless every step of the story feels somewhat real (although sometimes over the top) with the likes of answering phone calls and the constantly changing locations giving you the sense of a real Paris lifestyle at work.


Despite most decisions not having a large impact there are some definite key moments that can take the story down a completely different path and City of Love: Paris does make it easy to replay the story to explore the different endings and collect exclusive collectables for your trouble.


  • Explore the beautiful city of Paris throughout the story.
  • Make small and key decisions to drive the story path.
  • Make friends and romance a number of people.
  • Uncover the mystery that underlines the plot.
  • Free for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: Android

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