Clandestine: Anomaly

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  • Unique seek and destroy tower defence mechanic – Options to play on location or somewhere else
  • Limited use of AR

Enjoy tower defence gameplay in an augmented reality world with Clandestine: Anomaly. Download now for your iOS and Android devices to unlock the hidden world of Clandestine that is hidden all around you.


Starting your adventure with outer space contact from an alien spacecraft your phone is quickly taken over as it flashes and displays unrecognisable alien text across the screen. With a catastrophe inevitable your mission is to help land Nuncio safely down to Earth and assist with the recovery.

While all of this is location based Clandestine: Anomaly includes helpful options on launch to set appropriate game boundaries (2km x 2km) to ensure you can include the nearby park and avoid restricted areas if need be. Even outside of this players can attempt levels without being physically present at the location (although you won’t be able to use the recon feature discussed further down) which keeps Clandestine: Anomaly accessible during times where moving location isn’t an option.

For gameplay Clandestine: Anomaly settles into a mission structure right from the start as you protect the building of your command centre. While the tower defence gameplay has many familiar features it also has a few unique components to add extra layers of strategy. Players will recognise the tower building (and upgrade mechanics) but will also have to balance this with expanding their reach on the map with pulsars.


These pulsars create new building space which is vital to not only growing your defences but also making your way to the enemy portal which must be destroyed to stop the onslaught. Each pulsar requires power to operate This seek out and destroy approach to tower defence is a great fresh addition to genre and adds to the real life location element. This blends in with the recon ability that lets you look through your camera to see all your tower structures in the real world and assist them with extra attacks.

With the story of Clandestine: Anomaly keeping you moving forward and the light RPG elements that let you upgrade your favourite towers to suit your strategy it’s a worthy mobile title in the augmented reality space or a game played solely for the unique tower defence.


  • Blend of augmented reality and tower defence.
  • Sci-fi themed story set in a 2km x 2km radius around a chosen location.
  • Upgrade your favourite towers for your strategy.
  • Play on location or outside the game area.
  • For iOS and Android devices.



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