Clonk (Series)

  • Lots of games – Variety – Some free games
  • Bugs - Learning curves for some games

Clonk is a series of video games that mix action, strategy and platform gameplay. Some of the games are available for free while some must be purchased.


While the games are very enjoyable as a single player experience, they are even more fun with friends and thanks to the large number of multiplayer options it is very easy to connect with other players.

The Clonk series started back in 1994 with a simple game and has since been re-released a number of times to now include a collection of over 10 games that all have varying gameplay and features. Most games will have you collecting resources from the world (minerals, wood, etc.) and then using your structures to refine them into other materials. These materials are then used to wage warfare or complete other non-military objectives.

All the games in the Clonk series have players controlling a small race of humanoid style beings known as Clonks. Some games have you control groups of these creatures while others have you taking control of a single Clonk. Regardless of the game though one thing does stay constant throughout the series and that is the ability to control your surroundings (both landscape and buildings).

The Clonk games take place in real time across vast landscapes including hills, water, deserts and even volcanoes. This game world is even taken a step further with weather systems to create something realistic.


Some of the games in the series have a more action and warfare approach to gaming while some of them focus more on a sandbox setting that allows you to build the world around you. Regardless of the gameplay you prefer though there is a Clonk game for everyone and every budget.

If you are unsure where to start with the Clonk series of games then consider playing Clonk 4 (free), Clonk Endeavour (free) or Clonk Rage (paid).


  • Large number of games with varying gameplay.
  • Mixture of action and sandbox.
  • Great to play with friends.
  • Control your own civilization of Clonks
  • Some game versions are available for free.



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  1. Great to see Clonk getting its due mention here! A brilliant series of sandbox games, and in my opinion some of the best Shareware games ever made.

    Another way of describing the gameplay is that its a mixture between Worms, Minecraft, and The Settlers. You have the side-view destructible landscape and melee action of the first, a lot of digging, exploration and mining, and the latter game’s production chains. The greatest thing to me was always the game’s variety, at least in the later installments. You can have a peaceful mission exploring a random landscape, gathering resources and building a working economy with your Clonks, you can have an action-packed co-op dragon hunting mission in a fantasy setting, or fight a futuristic sci-fi deathmatch with laser guns. Helped of course by the game’s high moddability. You can edit pretty much everything, and if you search for “Clonk CCAN” you can find the largest repository of user-created content.

    Also, since this article was written, the last installment of the game (Clonk Rage) has been made Freeware as well, so in fact you can now get all the games for free. However, the reason for this is a sad one: after more than 20 years, developer Matthes Bender has ceased development of the games, so there will be no further installments or updates.


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