• Light concept provides a unique puzzle experience through the puzzle hub which also allows you to pick and choose your puzzle
  • Wonderful dark, eerie and unknown atmosphere built through puzzle mechanics, visuals and soundtrack
  • Some frustrating puzzles due to the average platforming that can kill your level attempt due to missing a basic jump
  • Lack of story and direction creates some unnecessary ambiguity in setting and mechanics that would have been good to address

Closure is a puzzle and platform game which revolves around the concepts of light and darkness for its puzzle designs throughout the story. This light and dark focus also extends to the atmosphere with a mysterious world underpinning your adventure across an abandoned carnival, run down factory and the swampy forest.


The mystery of these locations is significantly enhanced with a world that is entirely black and white and even more so when you come to terms with the primary puzzle mechanic of requiring a light source for game objects to exist. The most obvious example of this is an early test put before players where once a light source disappears so does the path it was revealing meaning you’ll fall to your death.

This is just the start of the puzzle mechanics that evolve throughout the story with nearly 100 puzzles in total across the 3 core locations and the central overworld that links them all together. With 4 corresponding characters for each of these settings with a factory worker, young women, child girl and the spider demon of the overworld.


Mastering the power of light is key to all of these puzzles with bite sized levels requiring players to move from one side of the screen to the nearby door on the other side. Be it a pathway or ladder that isn’t illuminated players can call on a wealth of light resources from bulbs to spotlights and even portable light orbs to overcome the individual levels although these must be balanced with keys as you can only carry one item at a time. While some of the puzzles in Closure can prove quite tough with the odd one being a tad frustrating thankfully Closure uses a hub like feature so you can jump between puzzles and can come back to some of the tougher ones later when you are feeling more patient.

For those up to the challenge though a collection of 30 silver moths that are hidden away from the core path can be hunted down and collected with only a small percentage of the playerbase achieving this on Steam (around 3%).


With the unique focus on light as a puzzle mechanic and the eerie atmosphere across multiple locations Closure is an attractively mysterious puzzle platformer that shines brightly in a large game genre.


  • Explore a dark and eerie game world with 4 locations (factory, forest, carnival and dark overworld).
  • Play as 4 distinct characters as you complete nearly 100 puzzles.
  • Use light to create paths or make them disappear to reach the level door.
  • Access or skip puzzles through the central hub to revisit difficult levels.
  • Locate and collect the 30 silver moths that hide off the beaten path.



Review Platform: PC

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