Company of Heroes 2

  • Realistic war setting and mechanics through the likes of buildings, supply lines and unit experience
  • Plenty of strategic options available with a diverse multiplayer from the give unique factions
  • Inaccurate and poorly presented historical elements may turn some purists away
  • Lacks some basic quality of life systems like mid mission saves and quick mission restarts

Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the original highly popular CoH game and builds on the fundamentals previously established in this war strategy title. Released in the middle of 2013 you’ll find a familiar core gameplay experience alongside many enhancements that pushes the game to a new level of strategic and visual experience across a base game and several expansion packs.


Within the base game players will find a story based around the Red Army who is currently engaged in a brutal conflict to free the motherland of Russia from the invading German forces. Starting from a series of missions designed to push back this enemy threat your story will eventually see you smash right into the heart of Berlin.

Company of Heroes 2 doesn’t focus on the allies like the original Company of Heroes game and instead takes the setting towards the eastern front. Players will find themselves battling through a number of scenarios through flashbacks of a Soviet Army lieutenant Lev Abramovich Isakovich and his experiences during the tough World War II battles. In addition to this single player content you’ll find multiplayer content with five playable factions when all downloadable content is factored in that have their own playstyle strengths.


Most notable in these battles is the returning resource system from the original Company of heroes which makes a comeback with only slight modifications. Capture points are also still claimed around the map which in turn provide players with the resources of fuel, munitions and manpower to invest in their strategy battle plans. Unlike the previous game though players choose which resource type this point will produce or have the option to create a field hospital on that point instead that provides its own benefits. These captured points still act like a supply line though and can be cut off if players are able to capture adjoining points.

Buildings are also still a core gameplay mechanic in the second game of the CoH series with players again able to occupy the large number of civilian buildings on the battlefield to create temporary bases and strategic points as well as representing the realistic nature of World War II urban combat. The game adds a few more building counters though and even adds wooden buildings which can be set on fire and will eventually burn down to nothing so they aren’t as overpowering as past titles.


The combat system has received the most attention in the sequel with plenty of enhancements to add more options although the core idea of the franchise still stays the same. Most combat takes place with infantry but it’s the vehicles and artillery that can ultimately win battles with proper use which seeks to reflect the strength of this military options in the WW2 theatre. Units have plenty of upgrades which also need to be effectively used for success and will also level up as they gain combat experience which adds another layer of strategy as you choose carefully where to commit your veteran fighters.

All of these units are commanded with similar control options to other real time strategy titles. Company of Heroes 2 prides itself on the additional realistic strategy elements you need to consider though such as the impacts of weather on your plans that require strategy adjustment as the situation before you changes.


  • The sequel to the highly popular and successful Company of Heroes with familiar real time strategic gameplay.
  • Same World War II strategy of the original with players focused on the Russian campaigns.
  • Plenty of new enhancements for greater strategy choices and considerations on the battlefield.
  • Capture your points and choose which resource you want them to produce for your army or opt for a health station instead to treat your unit wounds.
  • Develop a veteran fighting force from your recruits through experience gained on the battlefield.



Review Platform: PC

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