Company of Heroes

  • Realistic strategy – History – Available units
  • AI has its funny moments

Company of Heroes (CoH) is a WW2 real time strategy game released in 2006. The game was developed by Relic Entertainment and has plenty of historic battles for players to battle through.


Company of Heroes lets players take control of both the allies and the axis with the single player campaign focusing on historically accurate American battles surrounding the battle of Normandy. While both play in a similar manner they have a number of differences that creates different optimal strategies.

The game uses a resource system similar to that of what you would expect in a war setting which gives the game some added realism. This resource system requires players to control points on the map and works like a supply line with players being able to sever enemy supply lines to dramatically cut their incoming resources.

Resources are split between manpower, fuel and munitions. Manpower is used for units, fuel for vehicles and munitions for upgrades or special abilities.

Buildings play an important role in gameplay with players able to occupy the civilian buildings that are scattered around the game maps. These buildings play an important role as it allows players to protect their troops from other infantry. These occupied buildings will eventually be destroyed if they take enough damage though and cannot be repaired. Players can also build medic stations, troop production buildings or fortified positions (machine gun nests or bunkers) to fortify and support their positions.


In terms of combat the game is very close to what you would expect from a war environment with careful troop selection and strategy playing a more important role than simple unit numbers. Careful use of heavy vehicles and artillery can quickly turn a battle in your favour for example.

The realistic level of strategy in Company of Heroes scored it endless praise on release and still is one of the best strategy games around.


  • World War II strategy game.
  • Battle your way through historical battles on behalf of the allies.
  • Use civilian buildings to your advantage.
  • Plenty of realistic war style strategy depth to explore.
  • One of the highest rated strategy games of all time.



Review Platform: PC

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