Cookie Jam

  • Fantastic attention to detail in game UI, visual design and sweet themed content
  • One of the few in the genre to offer a cross platform progress experience which includes desktop thanks to Facebook integration
  • Limited level variety and rewards for progression can result in players quickly hitting a wall of progress due to level difficultly without boosts and general motivation to continue

Satisfy your sweet teeth for match three puzzle games with Cookie Jam, a deliciously themed game in the match three genre with plenty of content and problem solving challenges to enjoy. Available across both mobile and desktop devices Cookie Jam offers cross platform opportunity for those that want to play on the go and also at home on a laptop/desktop computer and continue their progress thanks to Facebook integration.


With a formula well adopted and refined throughout the genre your core experience in Cookie Jam revolves around the matching of colourful and delicious tiles in blocks of 3 or more. Focusing on objectives that tie the creation of delicious dessert recipes to gameplay Cookie Jam levels focus on being able to collect the correct type and amount of particular ingredients in order to pass the level.

Amongst a backdrop of several candy themed islands such Cotton Cakelandia and Swiss Chocolate Alps you’ll fly within a floating house from level to level as you discover and create real world inspired recipes from the gameboard tiles filled with flavour. Throughout this candy puzzle experience Cookie Jam offers impressive visual presentation, fantastic UI and responsive controls that will keep you matching although does tend to bombard players with pop-ups and colourful level completing flashes between levels that slows down your progression and can feel excessive.


The difficultly level of Cookie Jam may also slow some players down as Cookie Jam requires a little more forward planning to be successful rather than randomly matching the most obvious tiles which provides room for the smart player to rise the ranks against their friends.

This is also due in part to specific level objectives where sheer matches for points or obstacle clearing is not going to be a successful long term strategy as Cookie Jam continually evolves itself by changing up the board, introducing extra obstacles and colours you’ll always be on your toes.


At the same time you’ll unlock more tools to use in your own arsenal to help you get past the more difficult levels which is on top of the standard bonuses for matching 4 or 5 tiles which in the case of Cookie Jam allows you to completely wipe the game board clean making 5 matches exceedingly powerful. Satisfy your sweet tooth for an exciting new match three puzzle game in Cookie Jam and you won’t’ be disappointed.


  • Play on Facebook, Android and iOS with shared progression through Facebook connection.
  • Create recipes by matching colourful sweet ingredients in each level.
  • Well-presented and designed UI and game world to advance through.
  • Utilise the powerful match 5 board wipe and other boosters to master the difficult game levels.
  • Time limited game events to unlock rewards and prove your puzzle matching skill.



Review Platform: iOS

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. This is a good game. However, the cost for boosters or extra lives is really high compared to other games in this genre.

  2. I am playing level101 I enjoy playing the game but when you have these count down clocks shoved at you and unable to even get through a the game because of these clocks it get frustrating it’s hard enough to clear all the squares when you have these clicks popping up can’t play game cause clocks take over if there was a wAy to skip this level I would do something about the clocks ut ruins the game

  3. I have the same problem. Timer runs out and always have 10 lives left, although I could have finished with a couple of moves. If that isn’t changed, I’ll stop playing

  4. Too impossible to beat the higher the level.

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