Cooking Tale

  • Includes the ability to practice new recipes before attempting to complete levels
  • Wealth of cooking upgrades and over 700 levels
  • Low customer variety as customer types always order the same items making it predictable

Enter the delicious gameplay of Cooking Tale a cooking focused game that follows chef Audrey as she wins culinary prizes through careful time and ingredient management. Cooking for a range of locations and with a total level count over 700 Cooking Tale is one of the more diverse offerings in the cooking management genre of games ensuring players are introduced to new mechanics regularly as they move between café, burger bars, diners and coffee shops serving patrons and earning tips.


With a standard genre themed gameplay Cooking Tale is split into bite sized levels of cooking and serving with pleasing a specific number of customers or earning a threshold of coins required to complete the level. This completion is also graded on a 3 star scale and awards additional funds to players to reinvest back into their operations with improved appliances or ingredients that make harder levels a more manageable affair.

Gameplay is Cooking Tale is primarily click (or tap) based and starts out fairly basic with players starting out in a popular burger bar grilling meat and mixing lemonade for customers that pass on by. Slowly these mechanics are expanded with additional toppings and drink types which needs to be managed while serving the up to 4 characters on the screen at anyone time. Burger meat for example is the most basic requiring players to collect meat from the shelf and place it on the grill for a few seconds before serving. Meanwhile lemonade is a little more involved as you grab the jug of lemonade and a glass and mix them on your work bench (again for a few seconds).


All of this food is based on customer orders that come through the window and once met will leave cash and a healthy tip if you’re fast enough. Cooking Tale does allow pre-preperation (ie; pre-cooking a piece of meat) which does make it more faster paced as you carefully balance your time and customer orders when compared to similar games. That’s not to say you ever feel unprepared for the levels as a handy practice option lets you practice any new recipe before you start the level and master the mechanics.

From this point onwards you’ll repeat this cycle in new locations which goes in hand with customer visualisation changes to give you a real sense of variety. On top of this players unlock fun costumes for characters throughout the 700 odd levels to provide an additional level of achievement beyond star ratings and high scores.


If you’re chasing down these high scores or simply having trouble meeting customer needs there are a few power ups to assist such as anti-burn to stop things burning, more patient customers, extra coins or additional customers within a specific level. All of these help you earn more coins at the end of the day which is spent on simple upgrades to boost the speed of food preparation. In total there are around 40 options that take you all the way up to player level 500+ with 700+ individual game levels.

While a bit more basic than other cooking games in terms of design the sheer number of levels, upgrades and changing locations makes Cooking Tale a delicious cooking title to explore.


  • Cook and combine hundreds of recipes in various cooking locations.
  • Cook your way through the 700 levels and 500+ player levels of content.
  • Buy new equipment to improve the speed of your cooking with your hard earned customer tips.
  • Use power ups to maximise your score and coins or overcome difficult game levels.
  • Unlock over the top and unique outfits for customers to wear.



Review Platform: iOS

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