Corpse Party (2021)

  • Interesting story and multiple endings for players to uncover
  • Fantastic atmosphere through level and audio design
  • Maze like maps and required backtracking can quickly become a point of frustration

Corpse Party (2021) is a re-release of the popular 1996 title which expands on the fundamental horror experience with significantly enhanced art, voice acting, audio and two additional chapters that expand beyond the experience available to date. Corpse Party (2021) is available on a range of modern platforms with the original Corpse Party title is still available on a number of platforms (including iOS) for those that want to relive or experience the original adventure for the first time.


Drawing from a unique alternate history where an elementary school (Heavenly Host Elementary School) had to be torn down due to disappearances of staff and students the game uses a modern day Tokyo school as the primary setting for your adventure. Built on the same site as the original school where strange events occurred players will join a host of other students after a school culture festival. Between swapping ghost stories a charm is performed by the students to ensure that they will be friends for all eternity given the bonds they have developed during high school together.

This charm though triggers a powerful earthquake and in a turn a portal to an alternate dimension that sucks the students in. This alternative reality is one where the Heavenly Host school still exists and is filled with the ghouls of the missing school children and staff that were lost long ago. This leaves the students with the task of unlocking the truth of the forces behind the school as your only chance to return to your own dimension. In solving this case players will primarily control Satoshi Mochida who is a kind heart student that is often picked on by the others for her cowardice. Joining players are three other characters from your class including your childhood friend and your younger sister as the fourth party member.


In terms of gameplay that Corpse Party offers it is a linear experience for the most part with players controlling their character Satoshi in a top-down perspective through a range of school themed environments. Focused around exploration, environment interaction and object hunting the game prefers enemy avoidance over conflict given the ghostly nature of your enemies. Split into seven separate chapters (five from the original and two new ones in the 2021 version) the game reaches its end in a number of endings, one of which is intended as the “true” ending which may encourage players to attempt multiple playthroughs.

As you would expect from a game with multiple endings this adds significant weight to all of your choices throughout. The addition of two new chapters above the core five of the original has also allowed Corpse Party to explore the stories and relationships of characters outside the core. As you explore you’ll find a simple 16 bit art style that pairs with the eerier soundtrack to build that atmosphere where players constantly feel like they are being stalked by a ghostly figure.


In between this dark feeling you’ll talk with your fellow classmates to gauge their own struggles and fear before venturing back into the labyrinth of high school corridors that hide critical items. Be it a key to open a door that locks your path or vital memoirs of lore each item is important to progress through the respective game chapters.


  • A classic Japanese horror RPG that continues to evolve with sequels and different editions.
  • Explore a haunted school in another dimension with your highschool friends and younger sister.
  • Experience several in depth character stories with two dedicated chapters in the 2021 version to particular classmate relationships.
  • Multiple endings encourage replay as you make different gameplay decisions each attempt.
  • Simple core design supported by eerie map design, audio triggers and student memoirs.



Review Platform: PC

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