Covet Fashion

  • Massive number of items – Social and competitive elements
  • Limited makeup options – Items get pricey quickly

covet-fashion-gameplay2Created for the player that loves fashion, Covet Fashion is all about shopping and designing styles on the path to creating the perfect outfit. Central to the gameplay is voting on the designs from other players, which encourages players to show off their fashion style.

Covet Fashion wastes no time in putting players to their first test which requires you to create a fashion look from your available wardrobe for a particular style. This theme is repeated constantly throughout the game and serves as the main mechanic where you’ll enter into a challenge to create a look with a red dress, a themed party or even work wear, among countless other style challenges.

By entering these style challenges players can win more items for their closet, pick up some in game cash and get that great feeling of having your style liked by other players. With more cash or exclusive items from victories you’ll be able to expand on the challenges you can enter to continue to expand your closet.

This closet expansion mechanic is pivotal to your progress in Covet Fashion with each new item you buy or win increasing your closet value. This value also controls your in game level with new levels bringing more hair and make up options to assist you in game challenges.


Covet Fashion is more than just a style creation experience though with a number of social elements. Most notably is the ticket system (required to enter challenges) which need to be earned by casting your votes on other player designs. A Fashion House guild like system also lets you chat with other players with similar styles and discuss tips for the ultimate looks inside and outside the game.

With the massive number of clothing items, consistent updates and strong social ties Covet Fashion is one of the premier fashion mobile titles.


  • Design styles and vote for other player creations
  • Build up your wardrobe value to level up and access new content.
  • Join a Fashion House to meet other players with similar styles.
  • Rise through the local leader boards.
  • Massive collection of wardrobe items and style challenges.



Review Platform: iOS

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