Cow Evolution

  • Unique gameplay – Crazy cow designs
  • Limited upgrades

Have you ever considered what would happen if you combined two cows together? This is what Cow Evolution explores as you mutate cows and tap your way through your cow encyclopaedia.


Created by Tapps Games the game is a blend of clicker game and simple management where you’ll take your regular supply of cows and transform them into all sorts of exotic mutations. With four stages that will take you from your farm to the continent, the entire world and beyond the scale of these cows quickly overtakes your wildest imaginations.

Gameplay involves players receiving a cow box every 10 seconds which can be opened to reveal a cute little cow that will generate coins for you. If these coins aren’t being generated fast enough for you then players can tap wildly on a cow to improve the number of coins that it generates.

Using these coins players can then purchase higher level evolution of cows (provided they have been unlocked), improve their offline earning potential or increase how often a cow box is delivered.

Where the evolution part of gameplay comes into play is when you drag tow cows of the same evolution level together to create a new mutated cow.


Two of these mutated cows will then create another mutated cow and so on as you slowly discover evolutions that are wackier than the last. With over a dozen of these evolutions it’s not a game that you can simply complete in an afternoon and will keep you coming back to experience what is next in the evolution chain for your cows.

The cute graphics, multiple endings and simple gameplay blend makes Cow Evolution a truly addicting adventure.


  • Evolve your cows to get more coins.
  • Complete your encyclopaedia of different cow evolutions.
  • Tap to improve the amount of coins you get.
  • Explore multiple game endings.
  • Play for free on your iOS or Android device.



Review Platform: iOS

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