Crackdown 2

  • Improves the original story and skill system to ensure you have a sense of progress and goals
  • City itself feels empty and without depth in parts

Crackdown 2 is the 2010 sequel to the popular 2007 game of Crackdown which features a similar open world with sandbox elements and is an Xbox platform exclusive. Fast forwarding the game world by nearly a decade it’s a familiar but fresh setting for Crackdown 2 that is enjoyable for returning players and welcoming to newcomers that want to start their adventure here.


The sandbox for this adventure is once again the fictional Pacific City which has elements of large cities in America and other highly urban locations. Following on from the events that saw players save the city you’ll once again be dragged into a plot involving the Agency and their experiments to develop genetically enhanced agents to serve the city.

Key to this plot is the Agency pointing the finger at a medical student and scientist within their own ranks known as Catalina Thorne who unleashes a virus on the city and transforms people into mutated monsters known as freaks that attack anything they find. At the same time Catalina rallies the survivors together to form a faction known as the Cell and to point the finger directly at the Agency while insinuating that they hold a cure. With their focus on dealing with Catalina and the population the weakened Agency is also unable to protect the city that results in a resurgence of crime amongst the unturned population.


Your role in this struggle is one as an agent who leads the Agency plan to restore a peace with Project Sunburst which is a large bomb of direct sunlight that is harmless to people but deadly to the mutated freaks. As a result in Crackdown 2 players will have to battle against three different threats; those infected with the virus, the terror group of the Cell and the underbelly of crime that mix together into a machine of mayhem.

In terms of gameplay to achieve your goals you’ll find that Crackdown 2 is similar in design to the original with players taking control of their genetically modified agent and roaming the city from a third person camera angle to find their next objective. Generally this will be eliminating a specific target, clearing an area of a threat or powering up a key piece of technology for Project Sunburst and require players to participate in shooter combat.


To provide that sense of progression alongside the story players will find that the same agent skills return in the second game to the franchise which level up as players complete activities related to each skill. These skills include agility, driving, strength, explosives and firearms that boost your effectiveness at those specific game mechanics and unlock new features.

Agility is boosted by collecting orbs scattered around the city, competing in races along rooftops or using height to your advantage when taking out enemies which results in greater run speed and jump height. Strength is boosted by throwing objects or killing enemies with melee attacks while boosting your hit points and ability to use the environment as your own weapon. Driving is boosted by killing enemies while in a car, entering into races or performing stunts with your vehicle and unlocks stronger vehicle options. Explosives is boosted by killing enemies with the explosive weapons in the game which leads to greater deadly weapons and finally your firearm skill is boosted for enemy kills with a gun whereby you’ll be able to progress from basic assault rifle to a turret machine gun.


  • Second game in the Crackdown series that continues the story of Pacific City and the Agency.
  • Fight against the terrorist organisation known as Cell and the mutations of the Freak virus in a single campaign adventure.
  • Level up 5 different skills as you play through the game that improve your potency and unlock new options..
  • Twisty storyline with potential hidden truths for players to uncover if they dive beneath the surface.
  • Xbox platform exclusive title.



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