Cradle of Empires

  • Revive a grand city building by building – 6 match three game modes
  • Lots of replaying the same levels required

Cradle of Empires embarks players on a quest to restore ancient empires to their old glory all while matching the all important gems in typical match 3 puzzle gameplay.


With strong match three fundamentals as a base Cradle of Empires builds on it with the likes of quests, colourful characters and the rejuvenation of a grand city. All of these add that extra layer to match three gameplay that will continue to bring you back again and again to challenge the games 6 different modes.

To start you’ll be met by Nimuri, the daughter of the chief that has control over the ancient lands that you find yourself transported to. Informing you that the town is in ruin and that you might just be the last hope she implores you to assist in the rebuilding of the great city. After accepting you’ll be transported to your first test, the rebuilding of a hut on the city fringes which also gives you a basic introduction to the match three controls utilised by Cradle of Empires (no surprises here).

The story continues from here with players meeting other characters who guide them through the process of city restoration. While this is all based around playing a match three puzzle game each is somewhat unique such as collecting coins while trading with another tribe which helps you get resources for further expansion.


Common mechanics across the match three gameplay includes collecting specific resources based on the building, obstructions which must be removed from the game board to achieve your goal and limited number of moves.

As you invest in the city you’ll visually see your town change visually while also unlocking new levels to obtain new resource types to expand further. Players will also be able to obtain helpful tools that make each puzzle easier, enhancing the number of resources you can collect and thus advancing your progress at an enhanced rate.


  • Rebuild a grand civilisation.
  • Play match three games to generate resources.
  • Improve the city piece by piece and expand your game modes.
  • Use helpful tools to assist you with difficult levels.
  • Free for Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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