Crazy Kings

  • Huge array of cards to create several strategies with the ability to swap them out as the level dictates
  • Wonderful tower defence fundamentals that feel enjoyable to play, responsive and ultimately fair level design
  • Multiple layers of time waiting requires some grind (or luck and money) to truly push through the mid to end game.

Offering long term tower defence gameplay Crazy Kings has you questing across a massive game map to rid the world of the kings that have gone crazy. With strong tower defence fundamentals combining with a card based progression formula Crazy Kings is ideal for the player looking to play in short bursts while also constantly upgrading their strategy and deck of available cards.


Crazy Kings has the fundamentals of tower defence locked down with hundreds of game maps for players to advance through that each offer a different challenge. In order to unlock more maps you’ll need to beat the preceding level with your chosen mixture of towers, spells and heroes. As is standard for the genre victory requires players to not lose the number of available hearts provided which are subtracted when enemies cross past one of your defensive points.

While this starts out easily the game quickly ramps up the difficulty by throwing more units and stronger ones in your direction. Crazy Kings also does a fantastic job of offering great variety within these units to ensure no single strategy is going to be effective for all levels with things like resistances to magic, poison and normal attacks to consider. Your Bestiary stores all of this information for you which you’ll constantly revisit to ensure that you know the weaknesses of your Minotaur, Undead. Slime or other opponent and factor this into your strategy.


Towers are of course the bread and butter of your experience and while you’ll start with familiar towers like the Lightning Tower and Archer Tower Crazy Kings offers a wealth of more unique towers to counter specific threats such as the Bolas Tower which does double damage against bird enemies or the Volcano Tower with its Minotaur damage upgrade. Other support is offered in the way of spell cards that can freeze and damage enemies and hero cards that give you fighters which you can control on the battlefield. Players can also find equipment cards to equip to their primary hero avatar who does not have a summon cost and thus available for each and every level from the get go. This avatar is also available for recruitment by your Facebook friends (and vice versa) for certain levels.

All of these cards aren’t free though and have to be earned through level completion, daily rewards, challenges and the arena. Each level is ranked on a 3 star basis with 3 stars generally required to earn the card for that level for example. Meanwhile side systems like challenges, outpost defence, arena and quests serve as repeatable ways to increase your card count consistently overtime.


The majority of these systems do share a common energy resource which regenerates slowly over time which can sometimes slow you down but provided you are advancing through the core levels as well you’ll earn some energy back for beating a level the first time. Duplicate cards can be combined to form stronger variations of the card although wait times quickly ramp up to several hours and days which renders that card useless in the mean time.

Overall Crazy Kings is exceedingly fun and challenging although the layers of wait times do require some careful management to optimise your experience. Players seeking to get the most out of Crazy Kings will want to commit to doing dailies each day and carefully managing their energy usage particularly if they intend to try their hand at the competitive tournament leaderboards.


  • Collect countless tower, spells and hero cards.
  • Hundreds of challenging levels to advance through.
  • Fight through leaderboards to earn various cards.
  • Customise your hero with powerful gear cards.
  • Invite friends to help you conquer tower levels.



Review Platform: iOS

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