• Free to play – Blueprints for building
  • Some server issues

With a free price tag Creativerse takes the gameplay of Minecraft and pushes it into a more modern setting for Windows and Mac. Starting on Early Access through Steam in late 2014 the game was eventually turned into a full release in May 2017.


Despite using the Minecraft template Creativerse offers much more than the original Minecraft experience with your first taste of this being your character customisation before joining your first world. While the options are basic and limited to the likes of gender, hair, clothing and various colours its a welcome addition to give that extra connection to your character and the game world they find themselves in.

Once in a world the landscape before you will look eerily similar with grass blocks and tall trees scattered across the land. Gathering materials from these and the large range of other blocks is of course the main premise of Creativerse and is handled entirely through your vacuum like glove that lets you pull everything from its cube shaped resting place. The ability to harvest rarer blocks though is pushed behind a Mining Cell upgrade system so there is still a progression curve to adhere to. Rare cosmetic focused blocks are also available to purchase through the games cash shop.


Other progression systems include recipes which unlock based on crafting previous tiers and processors which convert your raw materials into higher quality ones for use in things like the Force of Extractor. All of these are easily craftable in the menu alongside blueprint house designs for those that want a quickly built shelter without having place each individual block.

Ultimately with a gameplay loop similar to other games in the genre where you’ll mine, fight and grow Creativerse has it all wrapped in a nice little package and makes the gear and exploration progress enjoyable as you uncover new materials and enemies around each corner in your hunt to craft everything the game has to offer.


  • Free to play sandbox adventure.
  • Use blueprints to quickly build impressive shelters.
  • Improve your gear and hand tool to adventure deeper and deeper into the world.
  • Play in private worlds with friends or join public worlds.
  • For Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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