Crossy Road

  • Huge character list that pulls from pop culture and the real world to give you an overarching objective to chase
  • Unique graphic design and simple control scheme creates an accessible experience across mobile, Windows and web.
  • Limited variety to the core gameplay gives the title limited longevity unless you are a completionist gamer
  • Despite success no development into more game modes or power up mechanics to introduce more content

Crossy Road is a pixel based mobile game that has players crossing a busy street of traffic with their unique character and the equally unique pixel block world. Mixing in the classic gameplay of Frogger and adding an endless component to it has proved an addicting formula on both the iOS and Android platforms with eventual release on the Microsoft Store (Windows 10) and a web based version.


With this simple formula and gameplay Crossy Road is accessible to all ages and spectrum on the gamer scale which shows with the tens of millions of downloads on the available platforms. Like others in the endless running genre your sole objective in Crossy Road is to make it as far as you possibly can without dying to the hectic traffic and other obstacles. This distance incorporates roads, rivers, grass and even train tracks which each have their own challenging obstacles to avoid from fast moving trains to cars and floating logs on the river. All of these obstacles are appropriate for the setting resulting in a natural game flow packed with variety.

Moving around these obstacles is a simple affair with players instructing their character to take steps forward, backwards and side to side just like a traditional Frogger experience. Players are limited in their backward movements though to encourage continually moving forward gameplay and similarly are penalised for standing still for too long to add to the core game challenge.


During each individual game run players will also encounter gold coins scattered around the environment which can be collected to unlock additional characters that you can use in future games. These coins can also be earned in a number of other ways in game which ensures a steady flow to ensure you feel rewarded for every game run as you slowly build your collection of colourful avatars.

With well over 100 of these characters picking which one to use can take just as long as unlocking them. With a collection ranging from the simple chicken to other animals, memes and special events the variety is impressive with some also changing the visuals of other game elements and mechanics.


For older players that grew up on Frogger or similar experiences you’ll find the game a great nostalgic trip into the past. Meanwhile younger gamers will get to experience a classic game that has been modernised for a new generation with a freemium mobile experience or a quick play browser title.


  • Frogger combines with modern endless runners to create a visually diverse puzzle game.
  • Over 100 characters to unlock and use that pull from popular culture, animals and the real world.
  • Adventure over roads, rivers, railways and more with each presenting their own obstacles..
  • Enjoy a world full of blocky graphics as you chase gold coins for new characters.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android devices with later releases on Windows 10 and browser.



Review Platform: iOS

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