• Addicting mix of genres – Solid core mechanics
  • Limited variety – Some grinding required

Crowntakers mixes several genres together to create an interesting blend of turn based combat, role playing and rogue-lite elements that will keep you hooked and playing just one more game.


The setting for your adventure is one you would have encountered before with a peaceful land being thrown into chaos after the loss of their king. You are tasked with stepping up and embarking on a journey to free him from evils hand.

Players will start on the easy mode in the game (you’ll thank the game later) which allows you to carry over experience from game to game while also being able to skip the bosses at the end of each level.

Your adventure starts at your house with players taking control of their swordsmen hero in step 1 of your adventure. The game world is split into hexagonal squares which can create multiple paths to the end of the level at which point you’ll fight a boss and move onto step 2. These maps are randomly generated each game to give the game that level of randomness that ensures countless playthroughs.

Each square on the map will be populated with an event be it a town (with merchant and blacksmith), enemy, cave, cottages or a host of other special events. For many of these events though players have the option to avoid them completely or make choices that may impact on the outcome.

For the events that involve combat the hero and any mercenaries that you’ve hired will be placed on a hexagonal battle screen with your enemies (such as wolves and bears in the early stages) where a turn based tactical battle begins. In these battles each of your allies will have two turns (with kills recovering a turn) that you can use to move, attack and activate skills unique to that character.


Your hero and mercenaries which you hire during your adventure level up separately and have their own equipment which can be upgraded with materials and even socketed with runes to give them bonus benefits. This is where team and inventory management becomes important as you choose which heroes to give your best gear and what role you want them to fill in your team setup.

The mixture of game genres in Crowntakers is extremely addicting, quickly sinking its teeth in and refusing to let go. It’s let down by the need for grinding at the start though and limited depth due in part to not enough variety.


  • Mixtures of RPG, rogue-lite and tactical turn based combat.
  • Develop a party of hired mercenaries.
  • Upgrade equipment and customise it with runes.
  • Randomised maps with each new game.
  • Two difficulty options for those wanting a casual or hardcore experience.



Review Platform: PC

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