Crysis 3

  • Plays like a solid shooter with just enough player choice
  • Some great level design across the unique overgrown New York City location
  • Short campaign in comparison to the first two games reduces the value

Crysis 3 is the third game in the first person shooter series which is known for constantly pushing gaming hardware to the edge of its capabilities. This series once again offers a breathtaking visual experience that is combined with solid FPS gameplay with some light customisation elements. Originally released in 2013 the game was remastered in 2021 for modern video game platforms.


Crysis 3 continues the story from the previous games in the Crysis franchise with players controlling the Prophet over two decades after the events of Crysis 2. Crysis 3 takes you into an urban jungle setting this time around as players explore a transformed New York City that brings a fresh setting to the franchise. The city has been transformed by the evil CELL Corporation in an attempt to grab land, increase their power and serve as a foothold in their mission to dominate the globe.

The result is a New York City encased in a large dome which has created the aforementioned jungle setting including a bunch of large rivers and swamplands through the heart of the old city. In total you’ll find seven different settings which are referred to in game as the seven wonders with each serving a critical role in the story.


In terms of gameplay players will be experiencing exactly what they have come to expect from the Crysis series with solid combat mechanics and plenty of choice in how you approach the game at the same time. Your Nanosuit makes an obvious return in the third game but has been enhanced with plenty of new options for players to explore in the campaign.

The heart of combat is the weapon variations available that spawn sub machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, sidearms, heavy weapons, explosives, a new Predator Bow and in desperate times your fists. With some returning weapons and fresh options with a number of attachment options to alter the weapons for your preferred style Crysis 3 combat consistently feels powerful and customisable.


The Nanosuit still serves an important role though with its upgrade system to alter modules for your playstyle and the new hacking based options providing a new pathway. Using your Nanosuit players can also jump high into the air, slide across the game map, cloak their presence, gain an armour boost or use the enhanced vision the suit provides to tag, track and hack enemies or devices. Broadly these modules fall into stealth, speed, system, armour and power archetypes with their own tiers and kits to provide a sense of progression to your efforts.


  • The third core game in the Crysis series that continues on with your story from the first and second title.
  • Solid first person shooting gameplay with a wealth of weapons and light customisation elements.
  • Explore an urban jungle that was once New York City with seven distinct environments..
  • Use your Nanosuit to play the game you want by obtaining new and improved modules.
  • First released in 2013 with a remaster in 2021.



Review Platform: PC

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