Crystal Saga

  • Browser based – Pet and item customisation
  • Limited visual character options

Crystal Saga is a browser based MMORPG that blends 2D and 3D to create a MMO experience. The game offers five different classes for players to use and has been online since 2011.


You can expect a huge amount of content to explore in Crystal Saga with a unique fantasy and anime style. It’s easy to forget that the game is browser based with the huge number of maps, enemies and other features packed into this MMO.

Logging into your account for the first time will prompt you to select one of the five available classes (ranger, mage, rouge, knight and priest). Each of these classes can be played as either a male or female avatar with several pre-set looks available.

The game uses fairly standard skill trees for players to spend their hard earned experience points on with each class having two skill trees available. On top of the skill tree system the game has 5 different attributes which grow as you level up your character. Upon reaching level 30 players go through an advancement which allows players to further customise their fighting style.

The most interesting feature of the game though is the AFK battle mode that lets players set their own parameters for grinding (items, skills, enemies and loot options). Once you are setup you can move away from your keyboard and kill monsters for experience or loot for hours on end. This takes a lot of the grinding out of the game and makes it perfect for gamers who don’t want to dump hundreds of hours into a MMO but still want to grow and develop a character.


The backbone of your experience in Crystal Saga though is the pet and item customisation system. Players are able to tame their own pets from level 10 which each come with their own stats and skills, with some pets having obvious benefits for certain classes.

Item customisation is just as deep and enjoyable as the pet system with options to socket and directly enchant your items to add a variety of stats. Combined these two systems add a huge array of options to differentiate yourself from other players despite only 5 core classes.


  • Free and browser based MMORPG.
  • Lots of customisation with pets and items.
  • 5 different classes with unique skill trees.
  • AFK system lets you level up and find loot while you are away from the keyboard.
  • Very focused storyline with branching main quest lines rather than lots of side quests.



Review Platform: Browser

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