Cube World

  • Amazing list of features – Minecraft meets Zelda – Fast combat
  • Still lots of development to be done

Cube World stands out in the saturated voxel based game market with its many RPG features and impressive mechanics. Cube World is still in an early public alpha phase but is very much playable and already offers many features.


By purchasing the game in its alpha or beta stage you will get a nice discount on the final game price. Getting in early also lets you help shape what will no doubt be an amazing game. The game is being developed by the small indie team known as Picroma.

Before reading more of this Cube World review put aside any notion that this is just some sort of Minecraft clone. The game might use some inspiration in certain elements but in terms of features it is way ahead of what Minecraft could ever hope to offer and leans more towards an almost Zelda style of gameplay.

Cube World uses randomly generated game worlds which also mix in a wide variety of biomes. This means there is no limit to your adventure and every experience will be completely different. The game gives you some handy abilities to ensure you get the most out of the game including the ability to climb, swim, sail and hang glide.

Scattered around the game world you’ll also find missions and dungeons to guide your gameplay. These dungeons come in a variety of forms including castles, ruins, pyramids and dark catacombs. Of course you will also encounter monsters during this exploration of varying difficulties and even boss monsters.

The start of the game will have you choosing from a vast selection of races with their own look and feel. Players must then select a playable class (warrior, ranger, mage, rogue) which are further broken down into other specialties giving you great flexibility in how you choose to approach combat. More character customisation is also possible through levelling up and the available skill trees.


All of this combat takes place in real time with dodging forming a very important game aspect and adding a level of skill to the gameplay. Combat is further enhanced with the crafting and loot systems which allow you to find and craft weapons for you to use on your enemies.

Cube World offers everything you could want and more, you will easily get countless hours from the game and sharing them with friends will no doubt prove to be an even more amazing experience.


  • Voxel based game with RPG features similar to that of Zelda.
  • Includes race and class options to choose from.
  • Fast paced combat with an emphasis on dodging and timing.
  • Large variety of biomes to create a realistic and randomly generated world.
  • Support for multiplayer doubles the fun.



Review Platform: PC

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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  1. This game is the coolest game i ever seen in my inter life but how do i download it anyways?

  2. cool i really want to play it

  3. Looks Great! I dont think i have got it yet, but it seems like everything i want in a game.

  4. some one please help me out i have this but when ever i start it it runs soooooooo slow i think at like 10 fps but i’ve tried adjusting the quality and every thing. also when it actually starts the game all i see is blue. so if some one could please just tell me how i can get it to run faster or any thing please just send me an email.

  5. I don’t know why this is in a “Games like MineCraft” list since you cannot build structures. The devs say that particular feature will be added later on but as long as you cannot build, this game is not “like MineCraft”.

    Nearly 50% of MC’s worth comes from the limitless possibilities of making castles and whatever else you can imagine. What would MC be like if you couldn’t build anything and just ran around exploring and killing zombies for hours on end? Most likely like the current Cube World.

    This saddens me as the game looked very interesting to me, until I noticed that there isn’t a single image of someone making a house. That led me to question the “constructability” in the game and that’s when I discovered the game-breaker. I’ve read that there are plans of having “blue prints” added later on in the game to allow construction but even that is nowhere near the freedom of MC.

    I am sorry to say this but I’ve been thoroughly turned off by this game.


  6. awesome!!!!!
    Ihascupquake also played this game!_!

  7. so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The registration is closed! Why!

  9. as of 12/24/15 the shop is offline

  10. i like it


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