Cubic Castles

  • Fantastic realm customisation with hundreds of varied blocks with unique interactions
  • Wealth of variety in platform challenges available in different player realms
  • Expensive character customisation and other elements locks some of the best options behind a paywall
  • Starting to show its age with ongoing bugs and crashes that are yet to be squashed

Embark on your own free to play cube adventure in Cubic Castles, in a game world built by players one custom cube at a time. Designed with community in mind Cubic Castles allows players to make friends, gather resources, farm, trade, build, quest and compete in platforming challenges within the 3D MMO inspired world of Cubic Castles.


Cubic Castles is a sandbox multiplayer game that puts you in complete control of your cube adventure as you create an account and claim your own piece of the cube game world to call home while customising it to become your own realm. This realm acts as your own piece of virtual land that can be customised with all sorts of cubes and items that you craft throughout your playtime giving you the opportunity to show off your achievements and share creations with friends new and old.

Farming these resources will require you to travel the world of Cubic Castles to visit forest, deserts, arctic and mountain biomes amongst others to extract cubes and take them back to your own realm for building. The sheer number of cube types and subsequent crafting recipes can be overwhelming as you decide on the design of your realm but are unlocked at steady pace that you’ll always feel comfortable with your options.


Earning cubes from a mixture of mines, crafting and events players Cubic Castles boasts hundreds of options with some featuring unique properties. From the basic glass, plaster, clay, dirt, gold, grass, snow, lava and others that are your primary building blocks to the vegetation blocks of flowers, bushes and leaves to decorative barrels, lanterns, signs and furniture the only limits on building is your imagination (and stocks of cubes).

Unique blocks with interactions is truly where Cubic Castles excels though and also gives you a wealth of possibilities to create and share experiences with other players. Be it the bumper blocks, cannons, chests, trading cash registers, dice, firecrackers, song notes and many others.

As you can imagine with everyone having their own realm the cube based world of Cubic Castles is packed to the brim with locations, this is where the sky map comes into play to easily teleport wherever you want to go. This comes in handy to reach the biome mines, visit a friend or simply explore what other players have done with their realms potentially taking up an adventure challenge in the process. Popular designs often involve combining the various blocks into a dangerous and challenging platform path or simply focusing on artistic design instead while showing off some of the rarer blocks they’ve acquired.


With a wealth of potential in Cubic Castles you’ll find helpful quests to keep new players on track and also serve as a tutorial alongside building out your starting inventory of blocks. These quests will also let you level up your character (among other tasks) to give you perks that provide passive benefits that generally increase your resource gathering efficiency in one way or another. For those that want more visual orientated customisation Cubic Castles also offers a huge collection of clothing to create your ideal style with hats, pants, glasses and shirts.

When it all comes together Cubic Castles is a cute building orientated MMO that lets you turn your creativity into a realm of your cube sized creations. The community of Cubic Castles is its greatest asset and also its biggest liability of the game so ensure you keep a tight control of the available build permissions in your realm to keep it as intended.


  • Claim your own piece of Cubic Castles and customise your realm with hundreds of decorative and interactive blocks
  • Gather resources from the various biome mines, events and crafting.
  • Change your avatar appearance with all sorts of clothing items. (hats, tops, bottoms and glasses).
  • Complete quests and other in game tasks for character levels and perks to enhance your game experience.
  • Play across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for free.



Review Platform: PC

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