Dante’s Inferno

  • Fast gameplay – Good character customisation – Strong story and environments
  • Less than perfect controls – Copies God of War closely

Dante’s Inferno is a dark action adventure that is based on the well-known Inferno poem. As such this adventure has you exploring the nine circles of Hell as you dispatch all sorts of monsters and creatures.


Your character for this action filled adventure is Dante a shamed crusader who has many atrocities to his name despite his chosen faith. After being killed by an assassin Dante refuses to go to Hell for his sins and decides to destroy Death and attempt to redeem himself.

Gameplay is fairly typical of the genre with players swinging Death’s scythe at enemies to form combo attacks and a range of finishing moves. Like other games in the genre you’ll find a quick time event system where players must select the highlighted button on screen to continue with their chain of attacks.

In addition to your melee orientated scythe players can also use their Holy Cross which fires projectile energy towards enemies which is perfect for dispatching enemies when low health or avoiding the more dangerous encounters of the game. Spells are also available to Dante which slowly improve as you advance through the game which will consume mana when used.

Character development is fairly impressive in Dante’s Inferno and goes a step further than most games. Your abilities are broadly grouped into the Holy and Unholy skill trees which can alter gameplay significantly depending on the path that you take. Unholy abilities focus on using Death’s Scythe and hell magic to protect from damage while Holy focuses on using the Holy Cross for damage and divine protection skills.


Experience for these trees is gained by either damning your slain enemies (Unholy) or absolving (Holy) them. As such players must make careful decisions about their desired playstyle as their is limited experience and balancing them both means you won’ t be able to reach the highest skills of a particular path.

Your final element of customisation in Dante’s Inferno is the powerful relics that provide all sort of passive combat enhancements that further let you create a setup that works for your desired playstyle. In order to find most of these relics players will need to discover hidden passages through exploration or solving various environmental puzzles.


  • A dark action-adventure experience.
  • Battle through Hell and all sorts of demons.
  • Choose the Unholy or Holy path.
  • Customise Dante with relics that you find.
  • Play on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PSP.



Review Platform: PS3

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