Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

  • Solid combat – Plenty of exploration – Skill tree options
  • Generic environments and enemies bring the whole experience down

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a gory action role playing game for Windows and Xbox 360. With some of the most responsive melee combat of its day you’re in for quite the dark adventure.


The game is set in a very Lord of the Rings style universe with the game world being ravaged by war between men, elves, dwarves and demons. Now thousands of years after the last great war players join this world as a man named Sareth. After working under the watching eye of a powerful wizard Sareth has gained great knowledge of war, fighting and magic that he uses to travel across the land defeating pockets of evil that have appeared.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic tries to separate itself from other games in the genre by adding some environmental aspects into the combat. This includes things like cutting ropes to drop items on enemies or knocking enemies off a cliff.

Players have plenty of options in combat and how they develop their character with skills playing an important role in your advancement. Equipment is also important but is mostly a standardised affair so you won’t find much depth in that department. Players can focus on using swords, stealth, bows or magic to dispatch their foes and after earning enough experience you can invest in either the combat, magic or miscellaneous skill tree.


While this does allow you to create hybrid characters with this setup, Dark Messiah doesn’t really support hybrid characters as you’ll often end up too weak to equip the best equipment leaving you quite vulnerable.

In addition to the campaign adventure you’ll also find a number of multiplayer modes for those that want to compete with friends. This includes a unique Colosseum mode where 1v1 battles take place while spectators can use experience points to bet on the winner.


  • An action role playing with plenty of gore.
  • Build your character using the three skill trees.
  • Rely on magic, melee combat, stealth or ranged weapons.
  • Plenty of multiplayer action including a unique Colosseum mode.
  • For Windows and Xbox 360.



Review Platform: PC

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