Dark Souls III

  • Refined and strong controls that create fantastic combat from your class and equipment choices
  • More linear than the past titles of the franchise which hurts the world experience

For the third time players can experience video game difficulty at its finest with the 2015 addition to the Dark Souls franchise that triples down on the challenge and world lore established to date. Designed for the long term fan and newcomer to the franchise Dark Souls III also serves as the final entry in the trilogy of third person action role playing games with memorable boss encounters.


Exploring the Kingdom of Lothric the Age of Fire is reaching its end and in turn bringing with it the Age of Dark which awakens the undead and cursed to an entirely new level for the franchise. With the First Flame flickering into nothingness the urgency to stall the Age of Dark a little longer is front of mind in Dark Souls III and serves as your primary quest as you fight through the growing darkness that floods the world.

Your potential saving grace is the appropriate ritual which if completed by returning the Lords of Cinder to their thrones will rekindle the flame for decades to come. Dark Souls III does not make this easy though with characters opposing this rekindling rising up amongst the dark forces themselves that want nothing more than to stop the extension to the Age of Fire.


Core gameplay in Dark Souls III has seen little change from the exceedingly popular Dark Souls II but is definitely not without some refinement to the difficult formula. With the usual array of bows, magic, swords and shields players will use a mixture of standard and heavy attacks to deal maximum damage to the array of enemies while staying out of harms way with the all important dodge roll and careful positioning. With literally hundreds of items across the available equipment slots it’s a journey of both cosmetic and build defining choices with an equally diverse number of acquisition methods.

This gameplay begins with your choice of starting character that alters your Dark Souls III combat experience by changes to starting stats and equipment. From the stable knight class that is designed to give new players a fighting chance to the flexible deprived that provides a weak but clean slate to develop as you see fit these 10 class options each provide for a different challenge and playstyle for those that want to save the world of Dark Souls III more than once.


New features this time around include the return of Demon’s Souls style focus points for all your magical casting needs, two flasks that players can choose from to either restore their health or magical focus points and a general increase in the speed of attacks and movements for more fluid and slightly faster tempo of gameplay.

Possibly the most strategic change in combat though is the introduction of skills which are now attached to every weapon (and vary with the weapon type) which sees more tactical options than past instalments in selecting the weapon you intend to use. Infusion, souls and upgrade materials also return to provide another lever for players to develop their strength with careful gameplay and accumulation of resources. Ultimately all of these combat enhancements are wrapped within larger maps more ideal for exploration where the usual core mechanics and multiplayer features that the Dark Souls franchise is known for thrive.


  • The third Dark Souls title that ends the trilogy of games.
  • Choose from 10 starting classes that alter your pathway through the challenging combat.
  • Customise your equipment and upgrade it as necessary for your preferred fighting style.
  • Take control of your focus points and convert them to powerful magical attacks for new choice in combat.
  • Links the single and multiplayer world into one with players interacting with clues left by the community.



Review Platform: PC

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