• Huge player base – Play in your browser – Fun combat and PvP
  • Lacking in PvE content – Can be unbalanced towards paying players

DarkOrbit offers a space orientated MMO that lets players take control of their own spaceship in this free to play experience.


DarkOrbit was developed by Bigpoint Games with arelease in 2006 making it one of the longer lasting MMO experiences. Which is a testament to the popular gameplay and strong community behind  the game. DarkOrbit currently boasts a user count within the millions which continues to grow on a regular basis.

After creating your account and logging in you’ll be presented with an option between three different space companies that each have their own advantages, background and controlled space within the game world.

Once you’ve settled into your chosen company you can start participating in the economy of DarkOrbit or take to the vastness of space and engage in real time space combat. On the economy side players will use two currencies with one requiring real money purchases. Currency can be used to upgrade your ship components and can be earned by missions, mining resources and other in game activities.

Combat in DarkOrbit works as one would expect with players being able to upgrade their ship with a large range of weapons and hulls. Destroying NPC ships will generally reward ores which the player can sell while killing other players has varying rewards. Once killed players must pay a repair free for their ship.


Other MMO features present in DarkOrbit include skill trees, leader boards and clans which create a well rounded and impressive space MMO experience.

While the game can’t be compared or compete against the likes of EVE Online, DarkOrbit does offer an amazingly streamlined space adventure that is great for the casual gamer looking to stretch their wings in a space environment.


  • Explore the void of space in this space MMO.
  • Online since 2006.
  • Create and customise your own space ship for battle.
  • Leader boards create a fun sense of competition.
  • Play on Windows for free.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This has the potential to be a great game,However before it can be called that they have to fix the sever balancing issues between cash paid players who have massive amount of power in the game and the ones who have just started playing.


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