• Immersion – Great research and crafting mechanics
  • Some bugs and unpolished elements

Darkout puts you alone on a harsh planet and challenges you to survive in a sandbox world. You’ll get to experience a dark procedurally generated planet while crafting, building and even researching new technologies.


You’ll start the game next to your crash landed escape pod on the world of Illuna, a planet long abandoned by humans. How you got here and the story of its original inhabitants slowly unfolds throughout your adventure by logs that were left behind.

It quickly becomes apparent that aren’t alone with a wide variety of dark enemies that spawn in the darkness and are weak to light. Using light you’ll be able to deal damage and prevent creatures from spawning in your vicinity. While you start with only simple glow sticks you’ll eventually be able to build torches, lights, lanterns, flashlights and more to keep you safe.

In order to go from these humble beginnings to ultimate survivor you’ll have to gather, craft and fight your way across the planet. This process plays out in a very similar manner to Terraria with players building their first base (most likely within the ground) and gathering simple resources such as wood, stone, dirt and coal. Rarer resources can be found deep within the planet and often require particular tools and longer time to retrieve.


Crafting is done through an in game menu that lists your recipes and the necessary resources. With the option to type in how many of a particular item you want to craft you can quickly mass produce crafted items. These items come in all shapes and sizes from higher tier materials to weapons to tools and even powerful devices to help you turn this planet into your new home.

The dark atmosphere of Darkout is it’s greatest asset and if you take the plunge onto this dark planet you’ll really enjoy the gameplay that awaits.


  • Beautifully dark atmosphere with great biome variety.
  • Plenty of strange creatures to battle against.
  • Create your own place to call home with a variety of building materials.
  • Research and craft a huge number of items.
  • All about the immersion.



Review Platform: PC

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