Darksiders II

  • Deep role playing features to develop your own personalised character
  • Great story to follow that uniquely runs parallel to the first game
  • Lack of puzzle variety starts to hurt your overall game experience in time

Darksiders II offers players a sequel hack and slash RPG adventure with a dark story theme that has players fighting through a balanced difficultly level and high polished gameplay. Originally released in 2012 a Deathinitive Edition expanded the list of available console a few years later while also remastering core mechanics and graphics.


Uniquely in this second instalment of Darksiders players will be somewhat playing parallel to the original Darksiders adventure. This unique premise like most game sequels means that returning players will get significantly more from the story experience although is by no means required. Your role in this story is once again closely linked to the Four Horsemen with players this time controlling Death himself.

Set within the same time frame as the original also means you’ll take part in twists and turns from the original game albeit from a different angle. Central to this is the story revolving around the efforts of Death to save his brother (War) from his alleged crimes by erasing them entirely. This takes Death on a vast journey in a fantasy inspired game world that heavily incorporates mythology once again. Central to the story is Death’s preservation of Nephilim souls in an amulet with the Crowfather keeper which went against the Charred Council wishes.


Sending Death across all manner of locations that each have their own lore and purpose within the larger world setting. Each of these game areas are large with free roam elements which allows Darksiders II to deliver some epic landscapes that players move through on foot and horse. These larger game areas often serve as the overworld with players entering dungeons to complete most quest objectives which include puzzles, item hunts and bosses to grow your strength.

Death doesn’t have to traverse the world alone though thanks to his trusty horse Despair and his raven Dust which guides him towards objectives. This exploration often leads players to combat where your default weapon during your Darksiders II is Death’s two scythes which he is also capable of dual wielding into battle when appropriate. Of course as a role playing adventure players can also access a wide variety of secondary weapons that may suit their preferred playstyle.


These secondary weapons and other game mechanics slowly unlock over the game giving you plenty of time to adapt and experiment. Broadly these belong to quick combo based light weapons and heavy hard hitting heavy weapons along with weapon tiers that can alter the potency of items to provide a light item hunt aspect to gameplay. Darksiders II also has other extensive role playing features including three different resources for players to manage in battle, eight stats to increase, seven slots for equipment and a skill tree with great skill variety across two styles of play. These styles offer a warrior like Harbringer path alongside a mage like Necromancer path with the ability to combine both.


  • Play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Death) armed with dual scythes, horse and raven.
  • Lots of RPG elements to explore with two distinct skill trees to create your own blend of warrior and mage.
  • Smooth and enjoyable combat as you hack and slash enemies with your core, light and heavy weapon options.
  • Large open game world locations to explore that hide puzzles, dungeons and other game content.
  • Runs parallel to the original game in the Darksiders franchise.



Review Platform: PC

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