• Pace of progression across story, core combat abilities and enhancements ensures an enjoyably paced adventure
  • Wealth of weapon and magic (Wrath) variety to explore and define your playstyle
  • Boss mechanics range from easy to unfair that can cause frustrating encounters

Darksiders is an action adventure game and first of the franchise that follows the adventures of War, a horseman of the Apocalypse. Launching for Windows in 2010 the game has since expanded to a range of console platforms with a remastered version and sequel expanding on the game universe.


Darksiders draws inspiration from the stories of the apocalypse and accordingly centres on the ongoing war that rages between the forces of Hell and Heaven. This struggle has been raging on since the beginning of time has seen neither side gaining any significant ground on the other creating an endless and pointless fight for power that has left many on both sides tired. Darksiders takes place in a world where the apocalypse (also known as the end of days) has prematurely begun and the player (the horseman War) is accused of being behind it. In order to clear your name from this treason act and save the population of man on Earth (at least until the official apocalypse can be triggered) you’ll have to travel the world in search of the real culprit which leads to a deeper plot.

This twisted plot involves a powerful Council and a being known as the Destroyer that is capable of the complete destruction of humanity. Like other action adventure titles this takes players on a journey across a broad set of dark locations each with their own lore, story and challenges. Along the way players will improve mechanically and benefit from some light RPG mechanics to give you that enjoyable sense of progression leading up until your final fight.


At the heart of the game is an action experience but also incorporates hack and slash gameplay with players controlling War and his abundance of fighting abilities. Your primary weapon in these combat pieces to dispatch enemies is the large two-handed sword (known as Chaoseater) that you wield that provides combos and counters against the angel and demon foes you’ll face. Other weapons do become available and alter combat slightly with the likes of an Abyssal Chain that can pierce enemies in order to pull yourself to them, a throwable ninja like star known as the Crossblade and a Scythe for sweeping attacks on enemies. Each of these play nicely into the combat focus of Darksiders with players rewarded for staying in the fight with orbs dropped from enemies that fill your health, Wrath resource or currency.

This wide array of weapons ensure the combat stays fresh by providing players a choice of how they will face their next encounter. Building further on this is a number of magical abilities known as Wrath powers that provide extra utility, defence and offence options for players to utilise. Like your weapons these Wrath powers also can be enhanced with new powers based on your acquired currency and playstyle preferences.


Alongside these combat encounters you’ll advance through a number of basic environmental puzzles in between point A and B of a game level. Some of these also utilise a Zelda like design with a number encountered early on that might not be able to be accessed until later when a specific ability or weapon has been acquired.


  • Play as War, a horseman of the Apocalypse as he tries to clear his name and uncovers a darker plot in the process.
  • Use a variety of weapons to interact with the environment and kill enemies with melee and ranged options that can be upgraded to your liking.
  • Unique game setting that offers a blend of fantasy content as you fight against both angels and demons.
  • Solid combat that rewards strategic approaches and remains fun throughout the game with devastating finishing moves.
  • Originally for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a Warmastered Edition expanding availability to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch.



Review Platform: PC

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