Darwin Pond

  • Free – Lots of settings and tools
  • Little gameplay – Won't keep you entertained for long

Darwin Pond is a simple evolution simulation that lets you set parameters for life and watch the results evolve in front of your eyes. The game has been around since 1997 and is available for free.


Darwin Pond doesn’t involve much in the way of gameplay and is more of a simulation experience. The game has appeal to people who are interested in the inner workings of evolution and seeing how life evolves within the primordial pool. There is still plenty of room for you to have an impact on how the simulation plays out though so it isn’t completely hands off.

In Darwin Pond you can setup your own experiments or use some of the samples and then sit back and watch evolution. Darwin Pond will populate your screen with little worm like creatures that will slowly evolve and become more complex with time.

Most of your altering options in Darwin Pond are set around ecology aspects of your pool such as the amount and spread of food, energy from food, hunger levels and lifespan potential. By tweaking these options you can either quickly end a pond or allow it to thrive and it’s always interesting to observe how these different paths develop.

Darwin Pond also allows you to have more direct control over the pool with tools such as food drops, creation, deletion, gene editing, cloning, random mutates and detailed information on the creatures in your pool.


Darwin Pond also supports importing and exporting of evolved organisms between experiments so you can place your favourites into new experiments to see how they fair in the new environment.

You definitely need an appreciation for science to get the most from Darwin Pond but even if it’s minimal you’ll enjoy trying out some experiments for a few hours and seeing what evolves out of your pool.


  • Free to play.
  • An evolution game that lets you observe the primordial pool.
  • Plenty of tools to interact with your worm like creatures as they evolve.
  • Change the ecology settings to see how it alters evolution.
  • Endless number of potential experiments for you to try.



Review Platform: PC

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