Dawn of Titans

  • Visually appealing – Real time mobile gameplay – Lengthy and varied campaign
  • Be prepared to open your wallet to be PvP competitive

Offering the most stunning graphics you’ve seen on a mobile device before Dawn of Titans is a competitive game of action and strategy that lets you lead your own massive titan and thousands of military units into insane battles.


Your home for your adventure in Dawn of Titans is a city in the sky which features the usual building mechanics of the strategy MMO genre. You’ll build an array of buildings here to allow you to recruit units, use spells, perform other functions and also providing you resources. While there is nothing unique in this component of the game the graphics are all beautifully presented and far ahead of anything you’ve encountered before.

Basic foundations aside the real reason you’ll be playing Dawn of Titans is the insane 3D battles that the game world throws at you. These battles spawn several campaigns (story driven PvE) for various rewards along with PvP battles for you to assert your dominance.


These battles take place on a variety of maps with different environmental elements to consider that can give you a tactical advantage (such as walls funnelling enemies or requiring them to walk around while your archers batter them with arrows). Taking the field for your kingdom will be your titan, a powerful creature along with hundreds of troop units. Each titan comes with their own lore, skills, playstyle and rarity while also growing in strength overtime through mechanics such as Titan fusion and relics.

Titans can’t fight alone on a battlefield though and are supported by several unit types that you build in mass. These units rely on your typical rock-paper-scissors format to keep combat balanced and strategic. With your titan and units selected they’ll spawn on the current map which then turns the battlefield into a real time grudge match where you’ll select where to move your units and when to attack.


  • Impressive action strategy in gameplay and graphics.
  • Choose your own unique titan to support your troops.
  • Command units in real time to alter your strategy to your opponent.
  • Build your city in the sky to generate resources, recruit troops and more.
  • Free game for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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