Dead Space 3

  • New Co-op mode introduces a new way to enjoy the Dead Space franchise
  • Scavenging has a greater focus in crafting important tools for your objective
  • Boring mission decisions with plenty of back tracking across the planet will hurt your experience

It’s time to put an end to the Necromorph virus in the third and final game in the Dead Space main series that continues to explore your fight against this invasive and horrific foe. Released in 2013 players will once again be assuming the role of Isaac Clarke through a third person perspective as you fight your way through a range of scares and the unique limb based combat.


Set in the same universe as the past games players will find themselves in the 26th century where the human race experimented with the Black Marker to help their growing resource starvation issues. Instead of saving the human race it added just another complication with the rise of the Necromorphs from corpses while also introducing issues of dementia and mental illness in the living while also spawning the Church of Unitology who see the Black Marker as a divine force to be embraced.

Taking place on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis players are on a mission with their allies to find the origins of the ever growing threat that the Necromorphs pose to the galaxy. In achieving this goal you’ll explore the wasteland of the planet and it’s associated structures while solving puzzles, accumulating resources and fighting two equally deadly foes in the Necromorphs and the hostile humans known as Unitologists.


Gameplay is the same experience as Dead Space 2 for the most part with players dismembering the reanimated human corpses known as Necromorphs. Using your RIG suit, a number of holographic displays and a third person perspective you’ll have to fight your way through a number of enemies while chasing your primary objective that pushes you across the planet. Vacuum areas from the previous games also return as a recurring mechanics where you’ll have to carefully manage your oxygen supply otherwise you’ll suffocate to death.

Combat is where most of the game development has taken place from the past instalment with new options that let you dodge and take cover from attacks. This helps the game feel more realistic and is vital to success in Dead Space 3 with all sorts of new enemies running around that are countered with correct use of these new mechanics. This also includes the expansion of human enemies adding variety and balance to the combat compared to previous games of the Dead Space franchise.


The emphasis on scavenging the world for resources has also been enhanced and redesigned to tie in with the work bench mechanic and once again fits nicely with the location of the game. Players will have to find all the materials they can and then convert them into new weapons, health packs or save it for ammunition instead which means you’ll always have tough decisions on how to use your scarce resources from the frozen planet.

Building further on this and for the first time in the series Dead Space 3 offers a co-operative game mode that lets players tackle several levels together. This allows you to team up with a friend as Isaac and Sergeant John Carver to battle the Necromorphs (and each other’s mental state) together which is a nice closing out of the Dead Space journey.


  • Once again fight off the Necromorphs as Isaac for hopefully the last time.
  • New co-operative game mode lets you team up with a friend to experience Dead Space together for the first time.
  • Stronger focus on scavenging for resources and carefully using them to craft vital tools.
  • Explore the icy and eerie atmosphere of Tau Volantis where the Necromorphs and Unitologists roam.
  • Use the cover system and dodging options in the new and improved combat to counter new threats.



Review Platform: PC

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