• Graphics – PvP – Solid gunplay
  • Poor campaign design – Tries to do anything

Destiny might just be the most ambitious game yet combining elements from several genres into one and coating it in an extremely impressive science fiction setting. This setting looks breathtaking on both new generation and old ensuring all gamers can get a taste of the eye candy that Destiny offers.


Set hundreds of years into the future Destiny is placed at the end of a Golden Age for the human race that has left them close to extinction with only a single Earth city remaining. Players will jump into the role of a Guardian, the defenders of this city who are capable of wielding the unique and unknown power known only as the Light.

Playing as one of the three available classes (Hunters, Warlocks and Titans) you’ll explore the world, complete missions, gather loot and much more. Each class offers their own skills and feel very unique from the Warlocks that rely on a powerful array of unique powers to the Titans that prefer to bash their enemies with melee attacks or wield heavy weaponry into battle.

Enemies are equally varied in Destiny with four different races that you’ll fight against that each employee their own strategy to hinder your progress in the campaign missions.


With the campaign just sneaking into double digits there is decent content to enjoy but the longevity of the game definitely comes from the co-operative gameplay, PvP and the item hunt. You’ll get even more out of it if you have a dedicated team of friends (or clan) to enjoy the experience with.

With strong gun gameplay, randomised loot, RPG progression and MMO style PvP it definitely has something for all gamers but also means that it suffers from being a jack of all trades and master of none.


  • Enjoy a single player campaign, co-operative gameplay and PvP.
  • Hunt for loot across the galaxy to create the ultimate setup.
  • 3 very unique classes with their own sub-classes to enjoy.
  • Breathtaking scenery and environments bring the game world to life.
  • New content to be added overtime.



Review Platform: PS4

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