Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Customisation through augments and how you approach each of your objectives
  • Creates a wonderful social and political atmosphere through both obvious and subtle design
  • Lacks the same location variety of past titles in the franchise
  • Some parts can be brutally difficult that creates a lumpy progression cycle

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third and long awaited game in the franchise of popular science fiction role playing games. Opting to explore a prequel the game is set 25 years before the first Deus Ex game which allows newcomers to the series to easily pick up the story even if they haven’t played the other games while fans of the series will pick up on the many subtle hints to other Deus Ex world adventures.


In Human Revolution you’ll play as Adam Jensen in the year 2027 who is a leading member of the security team at Sarif Industries. As one of the rapidly growing firms that deal with biotechnology they are at the forefront of pushing the human body to the next level of evolution through artificial implants. Known as augments this biotechnology has the power to reinvent the human body by replacing parts of the body with power artificial alternatives that grant specific powers well beyond that of a human although are controversial. Your role in the charged political and social environment is escalated when you’re forced to take on a number of these enhancements after being mortally wounded.

Following this attack players embark on the story to find the hidden organisation behind it while also dealing the broader conspiracy you uncover. The world features the same cyberpunk style of the previous iterations in the series with somewhat similar gameplay although some core elements have been completely revamped reflecting the decades of game development since the franchise began.


One that that remains untouched in Human Revolution is the choices that players are presented which ensure you always have multiple pathways to complete the various missions bestowed on the player. At a high level the two paths that are most prominent throughout the game are the use of direct combat or stealth but players can also use their hacking skills or dialogue in certain missions as an alternative approach that might result in an experience somewhere between these two extremes.

This level of choice also extends to the augmentation system that lets players level up (or buy) a number of modifications to enhance Jensen’s abilities in certain areas. This system in particular allows you to push Adam into more of a combat or stealth role based on the abilities you choose to enhance that will help you take particular story paths that appeal to you.


Split across cranium, eyes, arms, torso, back, skin and leg slots you’ll have permanent decisions to make as you spend the Praxis Points currency of this augmentation system. Notable augments include include gaining the ability to hack robots or systems, the ability to see through walls, significantly reduce weapon recoil, boost carry capacity, regenerate health, cloaking and damage reduction. One area that has changed drastically though from the original titles is the combat with Deus Ex: Human Revolution now opting for a cover system for when you do get into an extended fire fight.


  • The third game in the Deus Ex franchise that serves as a prequel to the game universe.
  • Plenty of choice in how you complete missions with paths that blend stealth and combat.
  • Customise Adam Jensen with a number of augmentations that offer familiar and unique video game power ups across your body parts.
  • Make use of the new cover system for stealth and gun fights to maximise your plans.
  • Available on all major platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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