Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

  • Huge selection of dinosaurs with over a hundred unique species and colour variations that have full animations to interact with your park
  • Some progression slow down as players approach the end game of park expansion

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo challenges players to build the ultimate dinosaur theme park by requiring players to master both business and dinosaur management. The familiar formula of other Upjers titles returns and this time shifts the theme into the prehistoric era in a modern day setting.


Like other business management games Dinosaur Park will require players to expand and design their park as they desire while hatching dinosaurs from different eggs, developing their ideal habitat and supporting this construction with paths, attractions and decorations for the full park experience. Notably Dinosaur Park has a number of distinct animations that are charming and surprising as you watch dinosaurs interact with their unique enclosure like the Triceratops pushing a stone around.

These dinosaurs are the heart of your park and the reasons for visitors to enter with well over one hundred available for players through different means that encourages a balanced gameplay approach to collect them all. These sources include events, egg breeding, quests, daily rewards and level up bonuses with some dinosaurs also having different coat colours to collect for further challenge. Breeding is central here as players mix and match dinosaurs within a habitat type to complete quests, earn other resources and increase the number of dinosaurs they have available. Importantly breeding also serves as the dinosaur level up mechanic of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo which leads to improved popularity and income for your park expansion.


Dinosaur habitats are split between grassland, tree steppe, desert, tropical, volcanic, forest, ice and water which are both visually distinct and only support a specific pool of dinosaur options. The size of these enclosures will also determine the number of animals that can be supported and is in reference to the dinosaur size with players able to have up to a maximum of 8 velociraptor but only 6 triceratops for example.

These habitats also have different costs, build times and unlock levels to create a natural progression cycle for players as they expand their park throughout the nest types. Each also has different useful items like food and entertainment with particular species having different preferences and animations. Other buildings available to players include staff housing, breeding centres, admission booths, visitor centres, transport stations and shops that can be combined to create a unique park layout while you unlock the area expansions.


Critical to this expansion is the ongoing quests that players are tasked with which range from the basic tutorial quests, level target quests and quests that require players to achieve certain park milestones. To heighten the difficulty levels players can also take on timed quests that require specific criteria in tight timeframes for higher rewards. Other features of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo include achievements, dozens of NPC characters, zoo reputation levels, collections, clubs, events and friends that all offer a wealth of long term content for players to focus on.


  • Design and manage your own dinosaur theme park with habitats and buildings to attract guests.
  • Breed different dinosaurs together to reach new popularity levels and unlock new dinosaur attractions for your visitors.
  • Build your park from small to gigantic with quests and levels providing new expansion opportunities.
  • Events and friends build that sense of dinosaur community.
  • Available on a range of platforms including mobile (iOS/Android) and Windows.



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