• Great visuals to bring your sandbox worlds and creations to life
  • Seamless support for multiplayer modes with up to 4 players (platform dependent) in split screen or true multiplayer
  • Still a few updates short of perfect with some versions of the game abandoned while the developer focuses on releases on other platforms

Discovery is a block based building game available across various mobile and console platforms with a focus on sandbox creation and multiplayer components. Alongside the paid version of the game there is a Discovery Lite version for selected platforms that offers a taste of the Discovery gameplay albeit with some limitations such as taking out the multiplayer functionality.


In its current state Discovery is just a creative based experience and given the lack of updates on the original mobile versions is also likely representative of the end state of the product while the developer focuses on newer platforms such as the recently released Switch version. Don’t let this turn you away from Discovery completely though as what is on offer is still diverse and enjoyable although understand that you’re getting the product as is without expectation of future expansions.

The textures themselves are likely the first attraction to Discovery with wonderfully designed textures that can be utilised to their fullest in the creative gameplay and beautifully lit up with manmade light sources or that of the day and night game cycles. With all the Minecraft clones around these days which borrow the same texture design as Minecraft it is easy to undervalue the breath of fresh air that comes with unique textured blocks to create new designs that you simply can’t capture in other games or without the use of specific texture packs.


This goes hand in hand with the strong animations of Discovery which help enhance the visual experience further and help to separate it from other games in the genre with the likes of blocks breaking down into small pieces, torches that give off a puff of smoke from time to time, bright TNT explosions and the aforementioned day and night transition that swaps the landscape between daylight and moonlight.

As Discovery is a creative focused game you will spend all of your time building structures in the large expansive world from the over 200 game materials some of which come in dozens of colours. Familiar blocks such as coloured wool, flowers, wood, glass and stone from similar games makes an appearance amongst other unique lighting options. Discovery also includes the popular electric circuits (i.e. redstone) mechanic of the genre which can provide some functionality for moving parts or interactivity in your designs.  On the other side Discovery also includes appropriate destructive mechanisms to destroy creations or clear the land at scale.


Not content with limiting this creative experience to single player Discovery does also offer support for multiplayer in its paid versions in various forms depending on the platform which allows you to get assistance with the larger scale builds.


  • Creative only focused experience with over 200 blocks to build with.
  • Available on a range of platforms with a free Discovery Lite version (no multiplayer) on some platforms.
  • Unique and impressive texture design which is brought to life by the natural day/night cycle.
  • Animations on objects and items help to create designs and structures that feel alive.
  • Build in multiplayer and leverage electric circuitry to create interactive structures.



Review Platform: PC

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