Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

  • Fleet customisation – Interesting gameplay mix – Great journey
  • Doesn't feel like there is enough strategy – Could use more tutorial content

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet offers an interesting space strategy video game that relies on a fleet based combat journey that will take you from one side of the galaxy to another in order to save your home planet.


The game depicts the war between the A’Kari and Orthani races who have been locked in a war spanning the ages due to an ancient artefact that the A’Kari protect. It seems the Orthani have finally gotten the upper hand though as they are preparing their planet destroying super weapon the Erebus Platform to destroy the A’Kari homeworld.

In Distant Star: Revenant Fleet your mission is to make your way from far across the galaxy to stop this event using a fleet of customisable ships. Right off the bat players can customise their fleet of ships with a healthy amount of starting credits which ensures you’ll have access to a decent chunk of your strategy options right from the get go.

This early strategy stems from building the foundation of your 5 ship fleet. With 7 different classes of ship to mix and match together. These ship classes have their own strengths and weaknesses but can be customised further as they gain experience in battle and through purchasing upgrades from the shop.

In terms of your adventure Distant Star: Revenant Fleet uses a similar mechanic to that of Faster Than Light players will jump from section to section. With each jump you’ll encounter a randomised event that could be a simple battle, helping some allies or nothing at all. These jumps come with their own rewards which can then be spent to further upgrade your team in the stores scattered throughout the galaxy.


Once you do find yourself engaged in combat you’ll find an exciting real time approach which lets you move your ships individually, command them to attack enemy ships or activate their abilities. For those that want to pause and plan their next move you’ll also find a tactical mode that lets you collect your thoughts.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a fun space adventure that has some impressive fleet strategy with not many other games offering the same mixture of gameplay. Combined with the randomised galaxy it is an adventure you can experience again and again.


  • Jump from one side of the galaxy to the other with your customised fleet of ships.
  • Encounter random events and make decisions as fleet captain.
  • Battle in real time or pause for a tactical edge.
  • Roguelike elements and fairly high difficultly ensure a challenging adventure.
  • Randomised gameplay ensures 100s of hours of fun.



Review Platform: PC

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