Diva Chix

  • Fun community – Leader boards – Always something to do
  • Paid upgrades can be overly powerful

Diva Chix is a more mature dress up game than most and caters towards a teenager and adult audience. The game has an impressive list of features and also has regular events for players to participate in.


Diva Chix is just as much a strategy game as it is a fashion game with the ultimate goal being to dress your diva doll and battle it against other players to decide who has the best fashion sense and style.

On the way you’ll play games, design clothes, run a clothing store, join a community group and so much more. Diva Chix makes sure there is always something new and fresh going on for players to experience and with a very friendly community and staff behind the game there are no limits to your enjoyment.

Once you’ve signed up your account you’ll be given some starting Moolah and Coins (the two currencies of Diva Chix) to get you started. From here players will want to spend most of their time playing the various games available to build up their cash reserves. Games include a good mixture of chance games, freebies and games of skill where your skilful play can earn your some impressive rewards.


From here players are encouraged to go shopping and start their own store. This is where the real gameplay of Diva Chix comes to life as players start to enter into battles with other players to prove who has more fashion power. Players can compare themselves to others using the battle ladder on the website and attempt to reach the top ranks. Players can also attempt to move up on the overall leaderboard which adds style, perception, hotpoints and fame into a single score.

Diva Chix is extremely fun to be apart of and has a good size community that makes the game what it really is. If you want a social experience with plenty of fashion and competition you’ll love what Diva Chix offers.


  • A more mature dress up game.
  • Friendly community that is just waiting to meet you.
  • Always new events to participate in.
  • Battle against other players in fashion battles.
  • Reach the top of the leaderboards.



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  1. You should update this, I play this game and the creative aspect is beyond believable. If your good at designing on a computer, you can create, wear, and sell all kinds of fashions and poses.


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